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A small tree house for solitary adventurers.

Permissions and credits
Version 1.03:  Some modifications to requests.

  • Changed the clothes line, now it's empty;    
  • Changed the bed (with well rested bonus) and work bench (container on the bottom);
  • Now there's a boat that runs from one side of the small island to the other;
  • Tv with control (small lag when turning on the first time).

Version 1.02: Added an island around the tree and a way to get to it. If you have more requests just leave us comments.

           Little Tree House

       Sorry, English is not my language
A very small hut on the tree, on the river. First of all I do not recommend companions, the house was built for only 1 adventurer.

  • Fallout 3;
  • Point Lookout;


    On the river behind the house of dukov.


  • A very cute kitchen;
  • Mini desk with functional tv;
  • Armory with many containers;
  • Weapons Display;
  • Bobblehead Display;
  • Lab and Workbench;
  • Infirmary;
  • Marker on the map for quick travel;
  • A very cute cabin ^-^


        Misc Resources and Tutorials by Jokerine
        AtomicAmelyn by Lady Sinestro
        TV meshes with screen cyclic animation by KaneWright
        Animated Light Switch by odin_ml
        Off state for Shackhanging lights by Pixelhate
        Ammo Signs by Pixelhate

  I hope you like it, I did it with much affection.