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This is a fixed version of the Scavenger World mod originally created by gigantibyte and then updated by Thingamajig. The differences in my version :


- shovel animation now properly works in 3rd person although only with the regular shovel, the ferilizer shovel from point lookout doesn't dig at all. 

- campfire was rebalanced, it now only heals up to 25% of your maximum health slowly, I found the old healing completely overpowered. The bonus stat gained was changed to perception only - If you camp in the wild you would naturally be more aware of dangers. You also gain +10 to repair and medicine while near campfire. All the properties work ONLY in the outside world so that you aren't tempted to abuse them instead of using healing items in dungeons.

- digging was rebalanced, chance for loot lowered significantly with bigger chance of scrap metal replacing default junk - you are digging through rubble afterall

- scavenging cars rebalanced - SEVERELY decreased looting - no longer will you get 30 tin cans, 4 fusion batteries and 7 pilot lights after looting a car. Civilian loot chance was decreased only slightly, while tin cans were reduced drastically along with the engine compartment which was overpowered, giving you a couple of expensive high tier materials each time which was neither enjoyable nor realistic. A couple hundred years after a war you wouldnt just be finding all of this everywhere. See the bottom of description for more background.

- looting and digging now scales with luck more so there is incentive to increase it

- Fireplace mesh was replaced with the one from antistar 's mod  - portable campsite - with his permission. You now drop logs from the inventory and place them manually, it works perfectly fine, no more flating campfires.

For now that's all, I'll probably work on it some more when I have more spare time. I originally created this just for personal use but some people were interested so I decided to upload it, sorry it took so long, I haven't been able to spend time with fallout in a while.

Future plans :

-make the campfire foods compatible with the FWE food and drink animations mod 
-rebalance campfire foods so they re more in line with default FWE food

Installation :

move everything to the fallout Data folder

requirements :

- FWE and all the mods required for it

- scrap metal crafting
- tin can crafting ( those 2 are not required for the mod functioning but it's rebalanced on their basis, get them for the proper experience )


Some background on this mod :

I love harsh, realistic survival which is something I've always missed in fallout. With this rebalance I aimed for realism that would also make sense from the gameplay standpoint. It's meant to be played with FWE and match it's default difficulty which I found to be lacking in the original version as the amount of materials you got from looting and digging would negatively impact the game's balance. On top of that, campfire healing would effectively diminish the importance of aid supplies. This rebalance is designed with scrap metal crafting and tin can crafting mods. 

Here is a video of gameplay with survival overhaul that includes this mod , some other mods I used are in the description :