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Requires main game and Broken Steel DLC installed.
Mod version: 1.0
Long story short:
You can give more than one bottle of Purified Water - at once - to beggars for Karma boost.
Makes the "Neutral" state of karma very easy to control if you want to use Impartial Meditation perk.
Long story long:
You can give all your Purified Water from your inventory for Karma boost. As you can see in the screenshots, if (for example) your Karma is -665 (Evil) and you have in your inventory enough bottles of Purified Water (42) they will take from your inventory only 33 bottles necessary to boost your Karma up to
the Very Good state (+985). If your Karma is Very High (>= 950) they will take only 1 bottle of Purified Water to set your Karma to 1000. If your Karma is maximized, they will still take your precious bottle of Purified Water (no Karma given this time), because their thirst could never be quenched. Beer doesn't work on them because they take antibiotics.
Do not shoot them in the head:
1. If you want to use Impartial Meditation perk - just give them only few bottles of water until your Karma is set to Neutral for that nice +30 Speech bonus;
2. If you want to simply maintain your Karma Neutral and to not be attacked by Regulators;
3. If you want to easily recruit companions with different Karma requirements;
4. If you want to be an angel all the time and want to steal something (more!) from time to time;
5. If you use "Perks And Challenges New Vegas Style" mod in which I implemented NV perk Thought You Died;
6. If you feel sorry for them if they die;
7. If you want to play with your Karma like you play a guitar.
"Micky will die if given Aqua Pura, infected with FEV or not. If you refuse to give him water (in conversation) he will die after a while."
Source: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Micky_(Fallout_3)
Permission to use the resources of this mod:
Please ask.
Many thanks to:
Bethesda - for their state-of-the-art Karma system
Nexus - for allowing us posting all kind of mods.