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Requires main game and Broken Steel DLC installed.
Mod version: 1.1
1 bottle of Purified Water == 50 Karma
You can give more than one bottle of Purified Water - at once - to beggars for Karma boost. Asking them 40 times about their thirst could become very annoying in a very short time if you want to set you Karma very high (hiring Paladin Cross or Fawkes for example) from very evil state.
"You can use console commands instead". I'm well aware of that. Console commands should be used for testing or debugging only, believe it or not.
As you can see in the screenshots, if (for example) your Karma is -665 (Evil) and you want to instantly set your Karma very high, you can give them 33 bottles of Purified Water at once for Karma boost. If your Karma is Very High (>= 950) they will take only 1 bottle of Purified Water to set your Karma to 1000. If your Karma is maximized, they will still take your precious bottle of Purified Water (no Karma given this time), because their thirst could never be quenched.
Same rule applies if you want to set your Karma neutral - in this case give them 13 bottles of Purified Water and your Karma will be set to -15 (Neutral state).
Very useful if you want to use Impartial Meditation perk or hire companions with different levels of Karma.
"Micky will die if given Aqua Pura, infected with FEV or not. If you refuse to give him water (in conversation) he will die after a while."
Source: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Micky_(Fallout_3)
New in version 1.1
At level 2, with Medicine >= 40 you can take the perk Purify Your Water; as long as you have in your inventory the Food Sanitizer, you can purify Dirty Water at a ratio 5 -> 4. Since Survival skill doesn't exist in FO3, I used Medicine instead.

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