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A simple mod that reworks the bonuses for finding Fallout 3's bobbleheads.

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This is a simple mod that reduces the bonus for finding Fallout 3's skill bobbleheads.

The bonus for finding a bobblehead has been reduced from +10 points to the tagged skill to +1 point. It's just to make the game a little more challenging for players, making them have to earn more of their skill points through gameplay, rather then getting them for free from obtaining bobbleheads.

It also helps to address the problem of players accumulating surplus numbers of skill books when playing with additional mods installed, as a lot of these mods add additional skill books for the player to obtain, and do make it much easier for players to gain and max out their skills earlier in the game.

The SPECIAL bobbleheads have been unaltered and still grant an additional point to their respective attributes.

Note: This mod is best used when starting a new game.

v1.1 fixes the melee weapons bobblehead.