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This mod removes the vanilla Enclave's wanton aggression against neutrals. However, they will still attack the player character for trespassing.

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TLDR - vanilla Enclave soldiers will no longer shoot on sight, but will not tolerate loitering. However, mods that expand the Enclave roster, (most notably MMM,) are not supported, and will in fact cause the Enclave to attack neutrals regardless.

All credit for this file goes to Genin32, who graciously gave me permission to re-upload this original work of his.

Given the mod was even featured by qenosa on Youtube, I thought it'd be a shame for it to be lost.

When you leave Vault 101 for the first time, you will soon be introduced to Enclave Radio, whether it's via Eyebot, NPC gossip, or your own Pipboy, you cannot avoid it. Its voice, President Eden, tells you about the Enclave's merits, and how they will rebuild America out of the wastes. So, why do the Enclave then invade the Capital Wasteland to attack neutral, (technically American,) citizens? How do they still know to attack the player character after you've escaped Project Purity? These oversights are addressed in this file.

Now, you can walk up to Enclave outposts, and not be shot on sight. Most NPCs inside them will only respond with "Get away from me." if the player attempts to initiate dialogue. However, there are sentries patrolling these outposts who will order the player to leave. If you fail to leave in a timely manner, the soldiers will open fire on you. (This is all fully voiced by the way.)

What could conflict with this addition? Well, most notably, Enclave enemies added by Martigen's Mutant Mod are unaffected, which will cause the Enclave to attack neutrals regardless. Due to the popularity of MMM, I wish I could offer a supported version, (or at least offer support for this version,) but I lack the skill in FO3 Edit or the GECK to do so. What you see is what you get. It comes down to your personal preference. If you aren't able to part with mods like these, then this probably isn't for you. Common Sense leads me to believe other mods that edit the Enclave faction have a high chance of being incompatible, but you'll have to test them on a case by case basis to find out.