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   The runners, a group of ex-enclave scientists who used to studied alien technology, want you to help them to access to their former underground facility,   that was mysteriously locked one day. 
   The mod also adds a new armor that greatly increase your movement speed through a menu and an hybrid automatic alien pistol that uses small energy cells as ammo.


   The only requirement is that you have disarmed the Megaton's bomb. One of the runners will find you. If he doesnt appears immediatly, just wait. 
   You will also require +75 lockpick to go furhter in this quest.


   I strongly recommend you dismiss your companions when the quest starts because they will ruin the experience and the suspense. Plus the mod is full of scripted events that only have effect on the player. 


   Fallout 3
   DLC The Pitt
   DLC Anchorage
   DLC Mothership Zeta   
   ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated or FOMM (fallout mod manager)

   As usual, extract the .rar in your Fallout 3 data folder and check the .esp in your FOMM or in your Fallout 3 Launcher.   
   Make sure you have installed ArchiveInvalidation or FOMM (or new textures wont work properly)

   UPDATES 1.08 (very important)

   Fixed the skull of revenants to fit properly inside the helmet. I dont know how it jumped out. In previous versions was Ok.


   This mod is incompatible with any mod that modifies player movement speed. So far there are no bugs and error. If you find any, please, notify me and I will try to fix it.

   Bethesda for Fallout
   Nexus for a site to share my mods
   and to every youtuber and modder for their GECK tutorials and feed back.