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A Heavier Assault Rifle For Fallout 3!

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Does the weakness of the American assault rifle bother you? Well it sure bothered me.

So i made a heavy assault rifle using mainly Fallout 3 Non-DLC resources (Excluding the sound)


Canterbury Commons Garage on a Table
There is 2 MkII Heavy Assault Rifles, 750 rounds of 5.56 and a Bottle Of Whiskey

|Stats:Heavy Assault Rifle MkII|
-Damage Per Shot>22
-Rounds Per Second>10
-Projectiles Per Shot>1
-Minimum Spread>1
-Critical Chance Multiplier>1x
-Critical Bonus Damage>20
-Reload Time>2
-VATs Action Points>30
-Weapon Skill>Small Guns (This may change)
(See Pictures For More Details)


|Compared to Vanilla Assault Rifle Stats|

|Stats:Assault Rifle|
-Damage Per Shot>8
-Rounds Per Second>8
-Projectiles Per Shot>1
-Minimum Spread>1.50
-Critical Chance Multiplier>1x
-Critical Bonus Damage>8
-Reload Time>2
-VATs Action Points>23
-Weapon Skill>Small Guns
(See Pictures For More Details)

-Works perfect with RH_IronSights
-Not currently compatible with Weapon Mod Kits (may change in future)
-Untested with FO3RA as i don't like the mod
-CALIBRX, Use Calibr Verison Provided


|CalibrX Version|

-Ammo is now inside desk instead of ontop of it
-Uses 30-06 Now instead of 5.56mm
-Added Vendors of 30-06:Moria Brown,Flak and Shrapnel and Seagrave Holmes (1000 rounds a vendor, yes they replenish)


Please do not re-upload or use this mod in another without asking first
If you want to make a compatibility patch please let me know so i can link it here

|Recommended Mods|

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