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Your solitude in space. After the Mothership Zeta incident, your crew was able to use some scraps and Zetan blueprints left behind to make a small shuttle floating above the Earths surface. A marvel of wasteland technology, and your escape in the sky. Not to mention, your personal shuttle drone, and Zetan friend Izar! (Npc's aboard your shuttle.) Unfortunately Zetan remnants caught drift of your ship, and are trying to capture it for a way home. Eliminate them, and board your cold metal abode. Comes with all your Player-Home needs, as well as an exterior worldspace to explore your shuttle's hull (space suit not required).

Drag the "Space Shuttle Home [REDUX].esp" into your Fallout 3's "Data" folder. If your a Steam user, your data folder should be located here:C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 3\Data