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====================================================== Introduction =================================================

I found the mod Kerberos Gear _Chinese Heavy Armor for the user AnOneTwo and the Tumbajamba's remodeled and loved the mod. This mod show the best gear the China developed for his soldiers and i liked. This armor, for me, is the last degree before a Power Armor. The problem here is how it was delivered to the game.

I hate mods that simple "drop" the new itens on the floor or in crates. The only place that i accept this is when the weapons are placed in the National Depot, because this is a weapon depot.

So, as i like so much this mod, i tried to fit some thing to my desires and i'm here now, sharing my work with others. 

====================================================== Description =======================================================

In this mod, i put the armors and the weapon implemented by the mod  Kerberos Gear _Chinese Heavy Armor and the remodeled version of the Tumbajamba into the Ghoulified Chinese Soldiers in Mama Dolce's factory.

To be more accurate:
-Added the Chinese Heavy Armor, Backpack and Fortified Helmet to the Chinese Remnant Soldiers;
-Added the Chinese Commando's armor, Commando's Backpack, Balaclava, Helmet and Mask to the Chinese Remnant Sergeants and Officers;
-Removed the 2 Chinese crates of the the Mama Dolce's factory.

======================================================= Installation ======================================================

This mod need the orignal Kerberos Gear _Chinese Heavy Armor and the Tumbajamba's remodeled file (found on the download page of the original mod) to me installed first.

Recommended: Use FOMM, MO or NMM and use Achieve Invalidation

Manual: Extract the ESP "ChineseHeavyArmorTumbas_Replace.esp" to the /Data/ folder inside the Fallout 3 folder and use Achieve Invalidation

================================================= Optional File ===========================================================

There is a thing that i hate more that a mod that drop the item on the world. It's a dropped item that is so OP and easy to take.

Like i said in the introduction, this armor for me, is the last degree before a Power Armor, so this cannot be easy to take by a player that just exit the Vault.
 For this problem, i made a "HardWay" version, that is the version that i play. In this version, i changed some things to add more challenge to take the gear.

-Added more Remnant Soldiers, Sergeants and Officers to the building;
-Changed the stats of the Soldiers, Sergeants, Officers to do more dmg and have more HP;
-Changed the stats of the turret to do more dmg and have more HP and changed the faction to do it allied of the Chineses (200 years of neighborhood changed the mind of the turret)
-Added to the soldiers the Chinese Assault Rifle and to the Sergeants, Officers and Captain the ChineseMG;

The installation is the same as said above.

USE ONLY 1 ESP. Or the "ChineseHeavyArmorTumbas_Replace.esp" (Just replace) or the Hard Version "ChineseHeavyArmorTumbas_Replace-HardWay.esp"
======================================================= Credits ====================================================
All i do is create a ESP that add the armors and the weapon to the NPC and to change some stats of him, by this way, all the credit go to the user AnOneTwo and Tumbajamba for the work on the mod.

===================================================== Permissions ========================================================
All i do is create a ESP that add the armors and the weapon to the NPC and to change some stats of him. If you want to use my ESP on your mod, feel free to do, just let me know :)
This mod don't have textures or meshes, using then for the original Chinese Heavy Armor. If you want to use that textures, ask to the mod author.