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Item Prefix add-ons for many popular FO3 mods to simplify item identification and sorting

Permissions and credits
Radrose Usability Enhancements - FO3 Edition

Item sorting patches for many popular Fallout 3 mods!
Further improves Fallout 3 inventory management!
Add-on for Item Prefix for F3 with DLC by BTVagrant

Improves Pip-Boy and trading screens

 - Sorting patches for many companion, quest, and gameplay mods!
 - Improved tagging for some items covered by the Item Prefix mod
 - That's ... about it, really.

 Related Mods:
 - I made this during recent travel with a weak laptop that couldn't run Fallout 4, in homage to my Fallout 4 version.

All patches are optional and require their corresponding mod to be installed

 -= Follower Mods - included in "Radrose - Merged - Followers.esp" =-

  Vanessa Follower by GePalladium
  Sydney Follower by drg6520
  Follower Amata by Lawlder AKA Pistolero
  The Family - Brianna Companion by Earthbind

 -= Location Mods - included in "Radrose - Merged - Locations.esp" =-

  Tenpenny Tower Reborn by Clgseed
  Point Lookout Reborn by Jcro25
  FWE - FO3 Wanderers Edition by FWE Team
Point Lookout Weight Adjustment
  Northwest Forest-Redone by Wasteland101Survivor
  DC Subway - Metros Alive by bethjunkie and llamaRCA
  DCInteriors Project by chuckSteel
  CEI Caesarrulez Excessive Interiors by caesarrulez
  Busworld by summel
  Alton IL - Huge World and Quest Mod by Elijah Houck
  Rivet City Reborn by Clgseed
  Rat Trap Remastered by Willa2112

 -= Quest Mods - included in "Radrose - Merged - Quest.esp" =-

  Mothership Zeta Crew - Moon Base by StrykZ
  The Traveler Project by Soulcommando
  The Institute - a fully voiced quest mod by thefourwings
  Shadows and Dust - Tales from Southwest DC by DonLemonade
  Shadows and Dust - Volume 2 by DonLemonade
  Kidnapped by AmaccurzerO
  JaySuS Commonwealth Of Modders - The High Sea Caravansery by JaySuS
  3DNPC Fallout Bundle by Kris Takahashi
  the Regulators by WillieSea

 -= Utility Mods - included in "Radrose - Merged - Utility.esp" =-

  FWE - FO3 Wanderers Edition by FWE Team
  Better Balanced Backpacks by Chesko
  Bottle Brahmin Milk by VampireCosmonaut
  Brahmin Dairy Products by Smosh
  Community Ammunition Library - CALIBR by Tubal
  CASM by Cipscis
  F3ProjectRealityMkI by JJC71
  RobCo Certified by Talkie Toaster
includes Zeta Add-on and Mechanists Edition
  J3Xified Driveable Motorcycle by J3X original mod by VeliV

Changes for some Item Prefix settings. Included in "Radrose - Merged - Utility.esp"

 "Radrose - Books.esp" - Books sort to bottom, including Read books.
 "Radrose - Foods.esp" - Separate tags for "Fresh" (no rads) and "Food" items, and "Prewar" instead of "P-W".
 "Radrose - Weapons.esp" - Separate "Sword" tag.

How to get this all up and running

 1. Item Prefix for F3 is required and should be placed just above Radrose in your load order.
 2. Create a merged patch. I recommend Merge Plugins by Mator.
   Use the "Radrose - Merged *" files as examples, or use them as-is if you have the same mods installed.
 3. Place all Radrose patches at the bottom of your load order.
 4. Enable the mods that are compatible with your load order.