Interior Fog Remover by Random Unit
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Added: 09/07/2017 - 02:14PM
Updated: 09/08/2017 - 06:01PM

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Last updated at 18:01, 9 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 14:14, 9 Jul 2017

This mod removes that awful foggy veil from everywhere indoors, thus making picture look more saturated, bloomy and realistic.
"And increases performance. A must have. " © multiple

Besides the mod itself, there is a fix for Realistic Interior Lighting users, which is strongly recommended for even better immersion and experience.

Important note for those who want to use this mod in a bunch with Realistic Interior Lighting: after installing IFR and RIL fix, check and correct, if needed, your load order. It should look like this:

Realistic Interior Lighting.esp
*all additional Realistic Interior Lighting esp's*
InteriorFogRemover RIL fix.esp

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