MIB Ship Zeta - The Real Men In Black by OrionPax2077
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Added: 09/07/2017 - 06:12AM
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Ever wonder who REALLY runs the show when it comes to the Greys? Well here they are people. The REAL Men In Black. Those movies you all saw were just a bunch of disinfo propaganda. This Mod is a complete Overhaul of the Mothership Zeta DLC. I hope you all enjoy it. Namaste my Friends.

What This Mod Does

v4.5 Updates:

1. Fixed the last of (hopefully)  the name changes in the DLC. All mentions of the word "Alien" should now be removed from all items in the game.

2. Added the DLC Weapons to the vendor leveled lists. Now you no longer have to worry about hoarding as many as you can from the DLC, as they should ALL be available for purchase at shops throughout the entire game!!!

v4.0 Updates:

1. Fixed the bug which prevented MIBs from using their weapons. They also now have Alien Blaster Ammo on their corpses when killed.

2. Added Alien Power Cells to the Vendors leveled lists.

3. Fixed the bug which prevented Shungite Water from spawning at vendors throughout the game.

4. Changed some Weapon names to more appropriatelty fit the overhaul. Also the Alien Power Cell has had its name changed to MIB Energy Cell.

5. The Grey Energy Pistol (formerly Alien Blaster) now only does 50 damage per shot, instead of 100. Also, the MIB Assault Rifle has had its damage reduced from 120 to 60 per shot. There is a MIB Assault Rifle and 20 rounds of ammuntion for it in the holding cell directly across from the one you initially spawn in. Make sure to pick it up, if you don't you will most likely die.

6. Changed the names of many of the Alien items to better fit this overhaul.

7. Added Shield Generators to the Elite MIBs.

⦁    Added 132 total instances of custom new enemy NPC's to the Mothership Zeta DLC. There are two different types. The MIBs and the Elite MIBs. MIBs are level 15 NPCs who carry MIB Assault Rifles and Cryo Grenades. The Elite MIBs are level 25 NPCs who carry MIB Gatling Lasers!!!
⦁    Added a new In-Game Item called Shungite Water, which is based off of the actual, Real-World Shungite Water. It increases the player's health by much more than Purified Water, as well as restoring Action Points. It should spawn at most shops throughout the entire game, including all other DLC's. Both new types of custom NPCs also carry several bottles on their person which can be looted from their corpses.
⦁    Changed the Small and Large Alien Crystals to Green Quartz and Rose Quartz respectively. They will now fetch a much greater value when sold at vendors. Don't miss one, you'll regret it.
⦁    Changed the Aliens to Greys. This is a name change only, please let me know if I missed any of these name changes. I tried my best to make sure I got them all.

Future Update Plans:
Eventually I plan to redesign the Space Walk Cell and change the picture of the Earth into that of Flat Earth. If you disagree with my assessment of the shape of the Earth or that the MIBs actually exist, please leave it out of the comments section. If you require proof that the Earth is Flat, simply private message me in a polite manner, and I will be more than happy to provide you with the Sources for my evidence.