M4v3r1ck13's settings for Ashriot's R91 Pack by Ashriot and modifications made by M4v3r1ck13
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Includes a small re-balance on the weapons + some tweaks on the vanilla game Unique Weapons.

And INCLUDES a small surprise on the ReadMe.

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- R91 Pack by Ashriot 

Original Description:

- v0.2
Now is placed in Anchorage Memorial Office, the best way is through the underwater drainage reaching the caves. I've also added a Holodisk with some lore
- v0.1
-- Add 4 weapons to Fallout 3
--- R91 Shotgun .12
--- R91 LMG 5mm
--- R91 SMG 10mm
--- R91 Marksman .308

- R91 Pack new Settings by M4v3r1ck13

- Description:
Ashriot's R91 Pack is awesome, but I decided to mod it to fit my play Style (Always using AR's).
Basically this mod Are some minor changes in the original.

- Description about some Modifications made to it.

--- R91 Shotgun is called now R91 Maverick's Meat Grinder ----- ISN'T A SHOTGUN ANYMORE. Just a normal AR.
I converted to .308 and made it act as a 50 round Drum Mag Assault Rifle - Fire Rate: 9.0

--- R91 SMG is called now R91 Troublemaker
I converted to .308 and made it act as a Compact AR - Fire Rate 10.0

--- R91 LMG is called now R91 Viper (Formerly: War Machine)
Still almost identical to the Original - Fire Rate 9.0

--- R91 Marksman is called now R91 Guardian Angel (Formerly: Wastelander's Guardian)
Still .308, but now features a 20 round Magazine Full Auto - Fire Rate: 8.0

- OBS:
-- They Still placed on the original location set by Ashriot.

-- Or, If you want to simply take the weapons without going to Anchorage Memorial (Still recommended trying to find the weapons in the ORIGINAL LOCATION)

(xx = .esm Load Order Number)
--- xx000ea7 - R91 Wastelander's Guardian
--- xx000ea8 - R91 Troublemaker
--- xx000ea9 - R91 War Machine
--- xx0043f9 - R91 Maverick's Meat Grinder

PS: INCLUDES ALL MESHES AND TEXTURES (Thanks for the Permission Ashriot)