Traincrash the Railway Shotgun by Za1zeR
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Traincrash is a high powered brutal Railway combat Shotgun. As the vanilla Railway Rifle, it can be crafted. So you'll need CRAFT in order for it to work. Or if you are too lazy, I've made a version where you just need to find the weapon. - (CRAFT not required). If you choose the craftable version, you'll find the schematics, if you choose the lazy, you'll find the weapon. Don't use both files at once!

Where is the weapon? - It's a weapon made from scrap, so try the Scrapyard. And it is kind of train related, so try look close by the train carriages at the place.

It can be fired 4 times before reloading. And fires 12 Railway Spikes at a time. As standard I've made it so that even though it fires 12 spikes per shot it will only use one spike per shot from your ammunition supply.  But I've mate a second file, if you want it to use all 12 spikes from your ammunition supply it fires per shot. This is a good way to balance out the weapons high damage output, if you think it is too overpowered, or maybe if you don't use Railway Spikes to anything else. ; ) I've made this as an extra file and not the standard, because I simple feeld it used too much ammunition per shot. Even though this is actually more realistic. If you want to use it, it have to be loaded with, and after one of the other files.


As I said in the description, CRAFT, if you're using the craftable version.


The armor on the pics is the Reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit. So no need to ask about it...