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This mods aims to be a balanced change to vanilla bobbleheads. Eliminating Min-Maxing that vanilla encourages.

Requires: Fallout 3 Script Extender (FOSE).

What do the new bobblehead do.


Strength: +25 carry weight, +5 unarmed and melee damage.
Perception: -5% spread +5% VATS chance to hit.
Endurance: -20% drinking radiation, +3 DR.
Charisma: -5% buy price, slightly increases chances of succeeding speech challenges (checks). (Stacks with Speech).
Inteligence: +10% Rad, poison, fire resistance.
Agility: +15 Action Points.
Luck: +3% critical hit chance, +4% critical damage, +3% VATS hit chance.


Barter: -5% buy price.
Big Guns: changes for Big Guns only +4% damage, +4% crit damage, +2% critical chance.
Energy Weapons: changes for Energy Weapons only +4% damage, +4% crit damage, +2% critical chance.
Explosives: +10% explosive damage.
Lockpick: makes lockpick force chance 100% (Still requires apropriate Lockpick skill to lockpick).
Medicine: slightly increases medicine skill effectiveness. Ex. stimpacks heal 99 (at 100 skill) instead of 90.But at skill level of 1 still heals 30.
Melee: +3 Melee damage.
Repair: slightly reduces fire rate decrease of items that aren't at full health (by 2%).
Science: Makes minimum word number while hacking min: 2 (instead of 5) max: 5 (instead of 20)
Small Guns: changes for Small Guns only +4% damage, +4% crit damage, +2% critical chance.
Sneak: +5% critical hit damage.
Speech: slightly increases chances of succeeding speech challenges (checks). (Stacks with Charisma).
Unarmed: +3 Unarmed damage.

Hacking and Lockpicking: changes lockpicking force to chance from 100 to only a small increase in chance (at 100 skill now you have 100% chance to force open easy locks instead of ~86% vanilla). Hacking max word number from max 5 to max 10 and minimum word number back to vanilla (5).
Individual: Has every bobbleheads changes in different esps. Let's you choose which to use.
Manual installation:

Extract into Fallout 3 "Data" folder.

Note: To get the perks on characters who have already picked up the bobbleheads. Activate each bobblehead on the bobblehead stand (doesn't remove already added bonuses).
Changes usual first time activating bobblehead text part to say: Your Stats have been increased.
And do leave suggestions if you have any.

Hack-Pick 1.1 removed dependancy on Bobblehead Perks.esp for use with the individual pack.
1.5 Removed a edit to the "demolition expert" perk.
1.4 Made medicine increase skill effectiveness instead of giving health. Charisma  now decreases buy price and easier speech challenges instead of 1 Special point in chosen SPECIAL aspect.
1.3 Added a way to get the perks for people who have already picked up bobbleheads.
1.2 Changed sneak effect to be critical hit damge instead of critical chance.
Made every critical chance a static increase instead of a multiplier.
1.1 Added repair bobblehead an effect (weapon condition impacts fire-rate by 2% less).