X277 Viper Magnetic Rail Cannon by Za1zeR
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I was a bit disappointed when I first visited the Museum of Technology and found a display case named: X277 "Viper" Magnetic Rail Cannon. And
after found out that there was no rail cannon. So I made one. This is my attempt at bringing the X277 to FO3, as a railgun sniper rifle.

The weapon is very powerful. I made it with FWE installed that adds more damages. So if you're in sneak mode and have the appropriate perks, you can one hit almost everything.

The weapon is located in the Museum of Technology. - First thing to your right when you go through the main entrance. - In the display case. The ammo for the weapon is extremely rare, and can be bought from vendors.

Unmarked Quest version

This is a standalone version. Don't use both files at once!

I have added a new version that adds an unmarked quest that makes the weapon harder to get. If you think it should be harder to get such a powerful weapon. You will find a note instead of the X277 at the location mentioned before. I have made this so you lose your X277 (not the ammo) when you load this version, if you already have it. So you have to go pick it up again!


  •  Anchorage DLC                       


29-05-2017 5:26 added "Unmarked Quest" version of the mod. (Read Description)


Ported version for NV available here: X277 Viper Magnetic Rail Cannon NV

The armor on the pics is the Reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit. So no need to ask about it...