Tweaked PipBoy Light by csbx
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Added: 12/04/2017 - 12:44AM
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This mod was prepared for personal use, so will surely not suit everyone. Here is what it does:

1. The distance covered by the Pip-Boy's light is about double Vanilla--and a little further than FWE sets.

Because I use an ENB that sets the nights to be fairly dark, I wanted a light that was a) functional--allowing you to traverse at night and throwing light far enough to make combat possible  b) not a cheat. The nights (at least with my particular dark nights setup) are still as terrifying as they should be.

2. The speed of the Pip-Boy turning off/on (by pressing [tab] )has been increased so it's a little snappier.

3. The color balance of the light is amber/tungsten, but not overbearingly so.

Note: there are other mods that cover each of these points, but for my own playthrough I decided to quickly make this mini mod that combines them.


1. Download via NMM (or manually if you know what you're doing)
2. Install
3. Place in load order anywhere BELOW fwe (if it is installed) or other mods that might adjust Pip-Boy parameters (weather and lighting mods as well).


Uninstall via NMM OR simply uncheck / delete .esp from data folder (uninstalling is totally safe at any point)

This mod contains no scripts (only one .esp) and should not cause your microwave to explode or hurt your dog Jimmy.


Future development: As noted, this was for personal use, so I'm not likely to add more features. That said, if multiple people request an alternative option, I'll definitely consider adding one.

Thanks to the modders who contribute their work which allows non-modders like me to learn and contribute back in small ways.