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Chinese communist want to launch a nuclear missile over the Citadel. Help Uncle Sam and his feral sidekick Buddy to stop them. A bit of lore and a bit of fun in a quest with unique rewards. Fully voiced mod. Read Description.

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 Thank You for the File of the Month March 2017


  An man named Uncle Sam and his feral sidecick Buddy travel across the wasteland looking for someone who help them stop Chineses communists from launching a nuclear missile over the Citadel. Help him in his quest, get XP, have fun, get some unique items and be witness of a unique event(no spoilers). I made this mod for fun, if it is lore or not, I really dont mind. The character of Uncle Sam was voiced by Austin Daniel S. Malastrome15.
  If anybody thinks this is a patriotic mod, then you didnt understand anything about this mod.

    Uncle Sam is not essential, so if he dies during the quest, the quest will be marked as failed. Buddy isnt essential, but if he dies, the quest is not affected. You'll need science skill +50 to go forward in this quest.

  Uncle Sam travels across the wasteland. You can find him outside Megaton, outside Rivet City, in Canterbury Commons or Arefu. If you dont want to travel to all those locations to look for him, just wait in any of these locatiosn till he shows up.


    This mod adds some new unique items that you will be able to get as reward once you complete the quest.

    UNCLE SAM HAT: 2 DR, +10 conversation, +1 charisma
    UNCLE SAM SUIT(male and female version): 12 DR, +10 small weapons, +1 luck
    DEMOCRACY (unique shotgun): 80 dmg, 40 crit dmg, 24 clip (these shotgun fires a powerful fire burst of 9 incendiary projectiles with every shot, burning the enemies and making this weapon extremly lethal at close range)


   I added optional meshes and textures for Buddy which includes an armor and a helmet that are just a wink of my mod "The Patriot's Club" and what may suggest that Buddy was a Patriot before becoming a feral ghoul. Watch new screenshots. 


  Fallout 3
  ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated or FOMM (fallout mod manager)

   As usual, extract the .rar in your Fallout 3 data folder and check the .esp in your FOMM or in your Fallout 3 Launcher.   
   Make sure you have installed ArchiveInvalidation or FOMM (or new textures wont work properly)


  None so far. Report if you find any and I will fix it ASAP


  Bethesda for creating Fallout 3 and the GECK and for let in us have fun playing and creating
  Nexus community for this site to share my mods
  Austin Daniel S. Malastrome15 for doing an outstanding job voicing the character of Uncle Sam