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Added: 01/03/2017 - 08:46AM
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I'm sure I wasn't the only one disappointed that all unnamed Tribals could become unendingly hostile at the end of Point Lookout. I appreciated their view, radical as it was, and was sorry to dispatch them. I also noticed similarities of ideology between the Point Lookout Tribals and the Treeminders of Oasis, and decided to create this simple mod. Modeled largely after the Ghoul mask from the vanilla game, this mod allows you to wear the following to stand on neutral terms with the Point Lookout Tribals:
  • Maple's Garb
  • Poplar's  Hood
  • Oasis Robe
  • Oasis Villager's Robe
  • Tribal Garb (from Point Lookout)

Additionally, the Pitt unique power armors, namely Ashur's Power Armor and the Unique Tribal Power Armor, were said to be regarded as 'godlike'. To reflect this, when wearing either of the two, the Point Lookout Tribals will not only be friendly to you, but fight alongside you, should the opportunity arise.

For those seeking another solution, a weightless clothing item labeled "Peace Token" can be found in the bin just next to the front of the podium in the cathedral. This item doesn't take up any clothing slots, and therefore should be wearable with any other clothing/armor.

Finally, for those seeking a permanent solution, this mod introduces a new perk labeled "Kindred Spirit", which renders all otherwise hostile tribals totally pacifist, at least to you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod only affects unnamed tribals and does nothing to change interactions with named tribals in any way.


This mod is built using only vanilla and DLC assets, so it should work without FOSE. You can install with FOMM or by simply dropping the desired .esp into your data folder. 

For those without The Pitt DLC, an alternate .esp has been provided.


Honestly, this mod does so little that I expect few compatibility errors, though I'm sure it interferes with something somehow. The perk uses stage 240 of the the 'Generic' quest, so if another mod uses that stage, there could be side effects. I'd recommend placing it relatively early in your load order so that whatever comes after it may override it with little difficulty. Be sure to let me know what problems arise. I'm a rather busy person, and this is my first mod, so I may not be able to fix it, but I'm willing to give it a try!


  • The perk design scheme was reverse engineered from PhoenixFang's clever method in Faction Perks Vanilla Friendly.
  • While similar in effect, this mod is not related to any disguise mod and was developed by imagining reapplications of the Ghoul mask effects. Many thanks to those authors all the same!
  • Bethesda, naturally.