Clean and Clear Screens FO3 - PipBoy - Terminals - Race Menu by SinkingSage
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Clean and Clear Screens FO3
Clear up the visual interference and dust off screens.

  • You can disarm a nuclear weapon, so it's entirely feasible that you can clean and repair a Pip-Boy 3000.

  • Have those terminals been turned on for 200 years? You unlock a reinforced bunker door, skeletons on the ground, no one has visited this place in years, but, in the dark you can see the faint glow of a terminal, those lads from the 2050's really knew how to make energy efficient technology, pretty much ever lasting energy sources for their terminals, but couldn't help but fight in a war for depleting resources. They didn't seem lacking in those, after all, the terminals are still on.

  • Now you can create a character and actually see what it looks like without all that grime in the screen!

If you want permission to use this on your mod / texture pack / whatever / you just need to give credit, no other requirements.