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Tesla Power Armor given a slight HD treatment, and then massaged with freshened colors that really make it pop.

Permissions and credits
It should not be hard to find a good Power Armor re-texture, especially for something as wickedly cool as Tesla Power Armor. I mean, c'mon!

  • It glows!
  • It arcs!
  • Its got a sorta Frankenstein/Metropolis feel to it!
  • And it looks GREAT in the dark!

So here's a little something we can all enjoy: Tesla Armor given a slight HD treatment, and then massaged with freshened colors that really make it pop. In three different flavors!

  • The default version with enhanced colors and electronics.
  • The default version with re-colored arcing.
  • A new gray-black steel version resembling the Enclave's Advanced Power Armor Mark II, onto which the original Tesla Power Armor electronics were grafted by the Enclave.

All of the coils and electronics have been upgraded, and everything has been sharpened for better detail.

About the textures and nifs
These textures are a direct replacements for the default ones. They have been tweaked and shaded so the game will render Tesla Armor with much better detail and better colors. This mod is compatible with ENB. In the default version with re-colored arcs, the nifs have been modified so that the arcs are more purple. If you've ever seen a real Tesla coil, the arcs are cyan-to-purple, and not pale blue-to-white. But the latter renders better, so I guess that's why Bethesda went with it.

The original textures weighed in at 1024 and 512 pixels, and either had no alpha channel (DXT 1) or had a grayscale, sloping alpha channel (DXT 5). As large size means better resolution (when correctly resized), the textures and normals have been super-sized in the default re-texture and its variant. It contains:

  • 4096x4096 Armor
  • 2048x2048 Helmet and Pack

The gray-black steel uses default texture sizes that have been thoroughly massaged.

The alphas were added where appropriate to preserve fidelity, so unlike the default files these are saved as DXT 3 or DXT 5 DDS files. The resized and refined normals go with new mipmaps so things look good close up and from afar.

There is no discernible decrease in performance or fps regardless of which option you use.

Installation And Compatibility
Installation tested with Mod Organizer and Vortex. Installs perfectly.

Compatible with all mods. If you have another mod that re-textures Tesla Power Armor, load this below it and let it overwrite.

Wanna skip to the end and get your power armor perk? Here's how. Open your console and type in: player.addperk 58fdf

Photoshop and Gimp
Crazy Bump - CB diffuse maps might look like Play-Doh turds slathered in Vaseline, but the rest of it is GTG.
My two eyeballs
A keyboard and mouse
Couple cans of root beer and a bag of potato chips

Credits and Perms
These are all custom creations made by me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! And if you do, throw me an endorsement! Me and Uncle Nikola will thank ya for it.

This mod is a Nexus exclusive. You are forbidden to re-upload this mod as your own, or upload it anywhere other than Nexus.