Fallout 4 Style Gatling Laser for Fallout 3 by Emperor_Niro Quicksilver500 weijiesen
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Added: 30/01/2017 - 02:57AM
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Last updated at 2:54, 30 Jan 2017 Uploaded at 2:57, 30 Jan 2017

This mod is a port of Quicksilver500's fantastic Fallout 4 Style Gatling Laser, which he has given me permission to port to Fallout 3. From the description of his mod:

"This mod adds a new, yet familiar, weapon to he world of New Vegas. I was a bit disappointed the first time I saved enough caps to by a Laser Minigun from the Van Graffs, no rotating barrels? Tiny little pinprick lasers? Annoying firing sound? No thank you. Then along came Fallout 4, with it's big, sexy, Fuck-Off-Lasers, this was the Photon based heavy ordinance I had been expecting! If, like me, you felt there was something lacking in the New Vegas Gatling Lasers and preferred the newest iterations, then give this mod a go and see how it does! [...] There are both replacer and standalone versions of the mod, depending on whether or not you want the weapon to take the place of the old Gatling Laser or if you just want it for yourself and your companions.
The weapons feature custom meshes, textures and firing sounds. The textures consist of custom edited versions of both vanilla textures and textures from EVE. I am not claiming that these models are 1:1 copies of the Fallout 4 Gatling laser, only that they were inspired by and based on it. I tried to mix the weapon style of New Vegas with the way the one in 4 works as best as I could, I hope you guys enjoy it!"

There you have it, one Fallout 4 style Gatling Laser for New Vegas, ported for Fallout 3.

The replacer replaces ALL Gatling Lasers in the game, so if that is the version that you're using, then the new Gatling Lasers can be found literally anywhere vanilla Gatling Lasers can be found.
The standalone version adds a container to the Citadel Courtyard that contains the weapon, so that's where to look if you're using the standalone version. Screenshots are uploaded in the images section.

This weapon will yield the exact same damage as a regular Gatling Laser, the same as in the original mod.

The replacer version of this mod should be compatible with almost all other mods, and the standalone definitely is. The only way the replacer would conflict is if another mod also alters the Gatling Lasers, such as EVE. Simply load this mod later in your load order than other such mods for maximum compatibility.

This mod has also been confirmed to work with EVE so long as it is loaded after EVE.esm.

I say again: load this mod AFTER other mods that alter the Gatling Laser for maximum compatibility.

There is a slight issue with the handle not aligning with the left hand in 3rd person, and with the firing sound playing before the weapon actually fires. Both issues are known to Quicksilver, and have been addressed in the Bugs section of the original mod.

As this mod is a Fallout 3 port of a mod by Quicksilver500, permission from him will be needed to do anything with this mod. Additionally, since this mod uses visual assets from weijiesen, his permission will also be needed.