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This mod brings back the good old character traits from previous Fallout games and New Vegas into Fallout 3. It includes a new built-in menu, dynamic compatibility and a wide selection of over sixteen traits with more features to come!

Traits are selected during Vault 101 prologue. You can edit or reassign your traits in the last stage of Vault 101 prologue at the very entrance.

If you already passed that point in the game you can simply open the trait menu by typing StartQuest TraitMenu in the console.

By default, you can only select up to two traits or none.

Installation Guide:
- Extract .zip archive to your Fallout 3 Data folder OR download via Nexus Mod Manager.
- Activate .esm/.esp packages via Mod Manager or Fallout 3 Launcher.
- Done!

Fallout Script Extender

Update Notes:
1.00 -

Initial Release.
1.01 -
• Trait limit global variable has been marked as a constant.
1.02 -
• Minor code changes.
1.03 -
• The code has been optimized for more efficiency.
• Fast Shot and Trigger Discipline traits will counteract each other. You shouldn't pick both of them as their effect is neutralized.
• Minor code changes.
1.04 -
• Minor code changes.
1.05 -
Minor code changes.
1.06 -
Traits will no longer show up in level up menu perk list.
Finesse, Fast Metabolism and Night Person trait descriptions have been improved to match with more detailed descriptions from Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
Fast Metabolism penalty has been reduced to -10% Radiation and Poison resistance.
1.07 -
Minor code changes.
1.08 -
• ESP's have been merged into a single archive for convenience.
• TheScoutWhoCriedSpy is an amazing artist who took the time and effort to draw brand new icons for Claustrophobia, Four Eyes, Good Natured and Heavy Handed traits.
 Minor code changes.
1.09 -
 Minor code changes.

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