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4096x4096 face textures and normal map for female characters, with multiple makeup styles available. Updated!

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ApateX Female Face Textures
Also for Fallout New Vegas

UPDATE 1/6/17:
-Morpho style makeup added. Installer and standalone versions available.
-Modified the Basic ONLY installer as the naming conventions were incorrect. Should look a lot better now!
-I will be updating with more installer versions in the coming week, as well as adding new makeup options.

Here are the types:
PLAIN: No makeup and a slightly imperfect complexion for that natural look.
BASIC: Minimalist makeup and a slightly imperfect complexion for when nature needs a little help. Heavy lidded look.
WASTELAND: Based directly off the default textures and is therefore less immersion breaking than the others.
APHID: Light makeup with a clean complexion.
LADYBIRD: Heavy makeup with a dark, sophisticated appeal.
DRAGONFLY: Assault-class makeup, not intended for civilian use. Please wear responsibly.
MORPHO: Heavy makeup with a vivid hue.

The screenshots were made using DC Delight and Cyberdyne ENB. The glossiness on the head mesh was cranked up to 80 (don't ask me how to do

There is an Installer for ApateX Basic & Morpho, this will give all female characters (except children/elderly) the ApateX Basic or Morpho texture. This is just an easy-to-install taste of what is available.
If you want to use the other makeup or use them on a custom race (recommended,) you will have to install them manually!

Manual installation:
If you want only your character to use a particular texture, you will need to use a custom race mod. Find out
where that mod stores the face texture and face normal map for your
character and just overwrite it with any ApateX texture. I recommend
this method so you don't end up with the entire wasteland wearing the
same makeup.

Replacement textures for throttlekitty's eyelashes and merged mouth are now available (there are unmerged mouth textures in the file as well.)
The textures do work with custom races like DC Delight but you will need to install them manually into the correct directory.
Credit: The mouth textures are based off zzjay's teeth mod.