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Very simple mod that changes lighting almost completely

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As with my SSE version, this mod uses just an imagespace modifier to modify the current area.

With this imagespace modifier, the interiors will be darker. I'm trying to look into this and make it so that interiors will be much brighter.
Till then, if the darkness is annoying, type 'rimod xx000800' into the console, xx being the load order.
To get it back, type 'imod xx000800' into the console instead. I will also make it such that you can toggle it ingame.

Forget all that! ^ \o\
In version 1.1, the game will switch between two overlays: the exterior one and the interior one.
However, if the overlay still annoys you, you can do "set OverlayACTIVE to 2" then "rimod xx000800" if you're in an exterior cell or "rimod xx002943" if you're in an interior.
To get it back, just type "set OverlayACTIVE to 1".