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120+ High quality textures for clutter items, made completely from scratch.

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120+ High quality textures for clutter items, made completely from scratch.

I started working on these textures in 2013, using some of my free time. In the last few weeks I've been working like crazy creating new textures, reworking old ones, just to have this texture pack ready. I don't like having all these textures just sitting in my hard drive, it would be a waste to never upload anything.

Still is not exactly what I wanted. I wanted to retexture every single clutter item, but the amount of time it takes for a single person is just insane and I don't feel it anymore... I feel old and I feel like there are more important things that keep working on this.

Right now this pack cover like 70% (estimated) of all the clutter. The most common items are already covered I even reworked my skill books and nuka cola retexture, they look even better now.

A lot of work and love went into this, it was fun! but I think this will be my last mod and for that I dedicate this mod to everyone on the Fallout 3 Nexus.

Off-Topic: Fallout 3 is the best $60 I have spent. I wish Fallout 4 wasn't so disappointing...

Ok thats all I have to say. Enjoy the mod have fun!

Ricardo M. aka 6ix
P.S. My English is bad.

Thanks to

Nart2007 for his bobblehead texture used as a base to create mine.

emptysamurai for his fancy lads, bubble gum and dandy boy apples labels.

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