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Burn the dead body to clean up a territory.

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Suddenly, you have found a lighter in your pockets, and you are asked yourself: what would be if I could burn these dead bodies around?
Because I want to sleep alone!


1. Fallout Script Extender (FOSE)


Just overwrite files and continue playing the game.


  1. You have to look at the body and the activator should be visible.
  2. You have to carry with you at least one Fuel Ammo. One Fuel per one body. It will be removed from your inventory silently.
  3. When requirements above has been met you may use the Lighter by hotkey or via Pip-Boy Menu.


This version of the mod has the limit up to 20 burning bodies at once.
When this limit has exceeded the next body will be burned when the previous body has been vanished.

The total time of the effect is 60 seconds:

  • the first 30 seconds a body is burning
  • the last 30 seconds keeps an ash pile "alive"


1. Zippos V1_3 - Modders Resource by Lord Inquisitor


I grant to you all required permissions to modify, translate and distribute this mod. Don't forget to credit Lord Inquisitor if you plan to use his zippo in your version of the mod.

Feel free to port the mod to Fallout: New Vegas, because I have no possibilities to complete this task at the moment.


I have tested this version several times and these tests are showed that everything is working as intended.

Also I have tested the "overflow" case: when all spells are active at once. The expected result was that "queued" bodies will set up'ed on the fire as soon as a spell was "released". It is looks weird, I know, but it is cool for a mass-burning purpose, IMO.

But, because of a human nature and the fact I am not a perfect, I can't guarantee with 100% that there are no bugs left at all.
If you have found a bug, please report me about that.


Q. What is the "Empty Fuel Container"?
A. This is a token to play a sound properly. Because I don't know how to stop the sound at right moment I am using it for this task.

Q. Do I need to collect these containers?
A. No, you don't. The container will disappear automatically right at the moment when a body has transformed into an ash pile.

Note: starting from version 1.05 of the mod the token is untakeable to prevent showing to you some weird things.

Q. Some ash piles becomes persistent, is it all right?
A. No, it is not alright. This is the game engine bug which you will see in an action in the vanilla game even without any mods. Mostly it "touches" goo piles (caused by plasma weapons), but sometimes you will see persistent ash piles too.

Starting from version 1.06 of the mod you are able to remove persistent ash/goo piles too via the lighter.
At the moment this is an experimental feature.


If you are using Nexus Mod Manager, Mod Organazer, FOMM, etc you will install it as usually.
Otherwise, extract the content of the archive to the "Data/" game directory.
Do not forget to activate the mod in the list of your mod manager.


Open the console by "`" (tilde) key and type the next line:
SetStage staticaZippoQuest 255
After that close the console and save the game. Now, you may exit from the game to complete last step.

If you are using any well-known mod manager just de-activate the mod.
Otherwise, delete files from the "Data/" game directory.
The list of the files to deletion you may see in the original archive.