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Megido City. A mini Sandbox covering three cities - Megido, Gezer and Hazor. Inpired by The Omega Man(1971) starring Charlton Heston.

Permissions and credits
Hello Everyone! It has been one year and four months since its original Megido City's release, and finally it's done and ready to play.

Megido City is divided into three parts, Megido City(Central part and inner city governed by Matthias and the Locrians); Gezer(a litoral residential overran by Locrians and mercenaries) and Hazor(it is an industrial complex and pretty much abandoned and forgotten).

What you will encounter in this post-apocaliptic place:

New factions such as:
-Zealots(monsterlike humans);
-Locrians(raidertype which the leader it is a zealot guy called Matthias);
-Lion Skull Mercenaries(Mercenaries funded by unknown people to contain the Locrians crescents);
-Androids which I've made it before Fallout 4 came out =) ; which looks and bleeds like one;
-Temple of the People;

New Weapons and Armors(faction based);
-Weapons(fixed with Ironsight; thanks to roguehallow);
-New Ingestibles;
-New Unique Races;
-Radio Station;

Playing it:

Nothing special there'll be a boat to Megido City marked on your map (far northwest).


All DLCs'
male Breeze body mod
any type3 female body mod (you can test it with the female body you have)

optional but recommendable:
Basic stuff - Drop all contents on your data folder where 'Fallout3.exe'. tick both 'Megidocity.esp' and 'MegidoCity_FactionFixed.esp' using FOMM or equivalent.
Load Order:
There are no conflits whatsoever so put anywhere you want. the weapons I've made are compatible with 'RH_Ironsights' mod, and it is very recommendable to use it. if there's some strange behavior with the weapons try change the Load Order between 'Rh_ironsights.esm' with 'Megidocity.esp' (which is a '.esm' despite the flag '.esp')
This mod do not have any quests and if you are interested on doing some quests for it feel free. This project took me one year and four months to complete the way it is now. It would probably take another year of crafting quests and I no longer feel the same energy I felt when I started it. I did my best I guess. 

Some contents are not mine such as some females textures and models. I use them freely with no intent to make any kind of profit or monetise my mod. I dont know clearly who has made them because it wasnt credited. 

I use the pipboy map from rjhelms84's Beyond Boulder Dome:
because I didnt know how to do it. If anyone wants to reclaim it or think I am breaking the nexus' rules please let me know.
All the other customized contents such as android textures and models, weapons mashups, Lion Skull, Locrian and Zealots clothing are mine so if you want to use it on your mod just please let me know and or at least credit it the way you want.

Thanks for those who played and enjoyed it the way it is, feel free to endorse.
And comments ARE always welcome,
Baumann Katona.