Fallout 3

About this mod

A combat intensive mod with a story and many quests. A mix between "Rage" and "Fallout 3". Slower leveling is provided, it is optional and configurable. It can replace the main quest or run in parallel with it. Option to make peace with Enclave. A true expansion of Fallout 3, provides some answers to questions left open in original game.

Permissions and credits
This is a combat mod with well developed story and many quests. It might be considered mix between "Fallout 3" and "Rage". Some factions and character have been borrowed from "Rage". Also there are are some elements from legendary "Blade Runner" movie. I believe there is 40 - 50 hours of playing. It fits into main quest without depending on it. If you are tired of playing MQ for 101st time, you may choose to skip it completely during your first visit to Vault 112. Keep in mind, there is a lot of combat in this mod. Slower leveling is provided, it is optional and configurable. The plot is carefully developed and based on strong logic. I dare to say, much more than original game. There are two main story lines. One is about possible revival of "Unity" which was part of the Master's vision in Fallout 2. The other is about tyranny of group called "Provisional Government".

"Rage" is the game created by "Bethesda" and "Id Software", sort of mix between "Doom" and "Fallout 3".

Read more about it in Release Notes which are provided within README file that can be found on these pages. 'Broken Steel' is mandatory. 'Operation Anchorage' is optional. "DCXpansion Project - Stanton Park" is also optional and could be downloaded from Nexus at


In order to have this mod working properly, file "MCMOD.ESP" should be loaded at the very bottom of load order. Also, mod must to be activated before visiting Vault 112.
Fellow player Abukfred discovered that this mod is not compatible "Rebuild the Capital", which is rather popular. There is a serious conflict around Grayditch area and, most likely, can't be resolved in any way.  

List of things that one can do in this mod
+ investigate why super mutants, dumb as they are, act as organized army
+ fight and overthrow the oppressive Provisional Government
+ join Western Brotherhood of Steel
+ end main quest in Vault 112
+ search for secret prewar facilities called Ark's, which were alternatives to vaults
+ discover an unfinished vault
+ help drug trafficker's faction
+ fight communist insurgents
+ investigate a disease which attacks Punga Fruit
+ save Rivet City from religious fanatics
+ make peace, trade and do quests for the Enclave
+ eat sweetrolls every day :-)
+ hunt runaway androids, toughest super mutants and other mean creatures
+ protect or attack trade caravans
+ use toxic nerve gas grenades on your enemies
+ have DLC items in Capital Wasteland
+ super mutants use Heavy Incinerators
+ many other things

New in 7.4
+ The quest "Coalition of the Willing" is replaced by new one, "Joint Operation"
+ Other minor improvements

Quest "Joint Operation" ends in the same interior as one it replaced. However it is a major military operation which takes place at
two locations in Capital Wasteland. A number of soldiers and advanced technology is deployed by both sides. Finally, there is an
opportunity to see Resistance at work. The requirements have changed. In order to start the quest one must complete
"Showdown in Subway Town", "The ARK" and "Search and Rescue". 

Capital Wasteland is no longer without authority. A group called Provisional Government has claimed to control
the DC area. They have done nothing to stop raiders and super mutants or to improve living condition. However
every settlement is required to pay protection. Those who refuse are often bound to suffer the consequences.

There are few groups capable of resisting, like Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel and Clearwater Company. Clearwater
Company is a mercenary group providing protection to those who can afford it.

Elder Lyons kept sending reports to Lost Hills for 20 years without response. Suddenly a chapter arrives from California
to investigate possible resurgence of Masters Army of super mutants.

Their efforts to collect technology brought them in conflict with powerful scavenger group named Gearheads and with Provisional Government.

Those who travel away from settlements and deeper into wasteland are in greater danger than ever. Wasteland is patrolled
by many factions, most of which are hostile.

You will have to survive in this hostile world, but there are allies out there to be found. They will support you with
equipment, supplies and companions if you help them achieve their goals.

This is an unpretentious mod made for fun. However it aims to provide accurate simulation of human communities in post apocalyptic environment. It is based on reality found in failed states today, countries devastated by civil wars, insurgencies and organized crime. It has been taken in account that, unlike today, population would be sparse, and conflicts would resemble gang warfare rather than military campaigns.   

During some quests, when objective is moving across wasteland, one can arrive at the quest location and find nothing. It is not a bug. Quest marker is updated once in 90 seconds, creating an impression that player is following tracks. If the target is not there, wait a while, or try guessing where could have they gone.