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Fixes a crash in the area located between Jefferson Memorial and Rivet City (French translation also available)

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  • Spanish
After a while, Fallout may crash anytime you travel near a specific location between Rivet City and the Jefferson Memorial (more specifically, the Super Mutants camp between those two). The crash area encompasses the east side of Jefferson Memorial, AND the Rivet City fast-travel point, meaning any mission involving Rivet City becomes impossible to complete. This mod aims to fix that.

What does it do ?

Disable a specific Mutie in the Super-Mutant camp that causes the crash. All other mutants are untouched.

What causes the crash ?

I'm not certain, but it seems the leveled Super Mutant there causes Fallout to crash when you're near level 20. Or it could be due to changes made to the exterior of the memorial after you end the main quest. Either way, this particular Mutie is a problem.

I've also heard of the infamous "Rivet City crash" caused by some versions of the Unofficial Patch, but it seems unrelated - disabling all my mods and leaving only the main Fallout archive loaded didn't solve the issue, meaning it's something in the core Fallout3.esm.

Honestly I'm surprised to see googling the error didn't turn up anything useful, especially since Fallout 3 came out looong ago. But hey, maybe it will be useful to someone else.

Anything I should be aware of when using this ?

  • Mod is clean - I used FO3Edit to make sure only the mutant is removed
  • No DLCs required, but works with DLCs too
  • Tested on the Steam version of the game, using only the DLCs, the unofficial patch, and almost no mod.
  • Mod is radiation-free. Muties are not.

Traduction française par Daichi disponible sur La Confrérie des Traducteurs ! Merci à lui :)