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This mod changes the Lone Wanderer's lines regarding his/her quest to find his/her father into something plausible. Now you are looking for your father, a man in a vault suit and with a Pip-Boy like yours. This file also modifies general and quest dialogue to accommodate good, neutral and evil characters.

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2.0 is here!

Tale of Two Wastelands version NOW available

Ok, dude. So what? Well, pretty much every NPC dialogue has been overhauled now. I've also conditioned some lines to appear only for high intelligence characters and many others will only appear for low intelligence characters.

If you want to help conditioning lines, just go to the forums section and tell me why a certain line should be conditioned for low intelligence or high intelligence characters. I'll need the name of the NPC, the line and the response in question so I can locate them easily and work faster on this feature.



This mod changes the Lone Wanderer's lines regarding his quest to find his father into something more useful to the potential listener. Now you are looking for your father, a man in a vault suit and with a Pip-Boy like yours. This plugin also modifies a lot of the Lone Wanderer's lines regarding many quests and general dialogue giving the player more neutral, good and evil choices to roleplay.


This file ONLY changes some Lone Wanderer's prompts and as such should be compatible with any mod, except, of course, Dialogue Tweaks by Jordik which you shouldn't be using anyway since it's abandoned and also breaks some quests.

Version History

2.0 Changed many lines regarding the main quest, the Enclave, Underworld, Agatha, Reilly's Rangers, Andale, Chavy Chase, The Citadel, Paradise Falls, Little Lamplight, Republic of Dave, Tennpeny Tower, some miscellaneous encounters and many others.
- Conditioned some lines to appear only for above average intelligence characters (Int> 7) and many others for below average intelligence characters (Int<5).
- Dave's ballot box can be lockpicked now. You could only take the votes out while Dave was counting in front of you in vanilla.

- Added an optional file with improved dialogue for Operation Anchorage DLC.

- Changed the name of the mod to "THAT middle-aged guy - A Dialogue Overhaul mod" since that's pretty much what this mod has evolved into.

1.9 Changed many lines regarding Vault 112 and Tranquility Lane. Extended the character limit so some old lines could be expanded as well. Ellipses' spacing is now set appropiately.

1.8 Changed many lines regarding most of Rivet City's inhabitants and quests.

1.7 Changed lines regarding Dukov's place inhabitants, Sarah Lyons, Harkness, Doctor Li and Anna Holt. Also changed more lines regarding Three Dog and Moriarty.

1.6 Changed many lines regarding Girdershade's inhabitants and quests, Scribe Yearling, the Outcasts, Big town's inhabitants and their quests. Also fixed some typos regarding "Wasteland Survival Guide".

1.5 Changed some more lines in the quests "Blood Ties", "Superhuman Gambit", "Wasteland Survival Guide", "Replicated Man",  "Head of State" and dialogue related to the Temple of the Union members.

1.4.1 The Dialogue related to Moira's survey wasn't firing properly. If you have downloaded v1.4, please download v1.4.1

1.4 Changed a few lines related to Moira Brown and her Vault survey.

1.3 Changed a few more lines related to the main quest, the quests "Blood Ties" and "Power of the Atom" and dialogue related to Lucas Simms.

1.2 Changed a line in the "Those!" quest.

1.1 Changed the spelling of Pip-Boy from "pipboy" to "Pip-Boy" in all the lines concerning the main quest.

1.0 Release.


-In V2.0 I've also conditioned some lines to show up only if the player has high or low intelligence. If you want to help improve this feature, add a request in the forums with the line that you think should be conditioned and why. 

- With V1.5 the mod has become quite extensive and covers a lot of quests. The Images are just a small sample of the work done, trying not to spoil the quests for those who haven't played them yet or played them years ago and forgot how they played out. Still, the guidelines are the same, more nuanced dialogue and better opportunities for roleplaying.

-If you use "Attentater's Wasteland Economy Revived" by  Attentater5 and SpaceOden,you can ask Megaton Hunters and Scavengers about your Dad's whereabouts. 


Just drop the esp into your Data folder and you should be good to go.


Remove the esp from your data folder.



Q: I like the idea but... what other lines did you modify?
A: As the mod kept growing, so did the changes but, sometimes, I've only removed exclamations marks that made the Lone Wanderer look too excited or pissed.

Q: Any glaring modifications over the vanilla dialogue? 
A: Many. In general, I've changed many lines to accommodate different kind of characters. It should be easier for you to play as a good, neutral or evil character now.

Q: Ok, that sounds good. Here, have some kudos and endorsements!
A: That's not even a question... but I'll take them :)

Q: I want to know exactly which lines have you changed and what exactly are the changes. You could be crazy and maybe my Lone Wanderer talks like a Malkavian now.
A: Just open the esp with FO3edit then, it's all there... 

Q: Should I start a new game?
A: If you want to see all the new lines... then yes. I have changed some prompts in the very first quests but really... nothing drastic. You should be good to go just before exiting the Vault. But if you are in the middle of a playthrough, this should also work anytime.


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- Vault 101 Escape : No forced slaughter

- No lying intro. No judgmental ending slides.

- Escorting Bryan Wilks - A quest mod -

I hope you guys enjoy it. I created this file for personal playthroughs but I thought some other people could find it enjoyable.


Thanks to Bethesda for creating a great game and thanks to this community for enhancing it so much.

Cheers to NexusDrone for the TTW conversion! :)