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Six Vanilla tables with tablecloth and a covered single Subcouch.

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Tablecloth - Resource
Update 12/2018: Some Collision Havok settings were wrong, corrected now.

I just discovered the cloth modifier in Blender ... so I covered some tables :)

A resource for Modders.
Six Vanilla tables with tablecloth and a covered single Subcouch (resource base from Jokerine). Some interchangeable textures provided.


The cloth requires numerous triangles to render nicely, that makes them semi-heavy objects. To reduce the strain some non visible parts of the base mesh have been removed while the original simple collisions were maintained.

Objects are statics. I'll see for furniture version later.

Depending on the MateriaProperty - NormalMap settings combo, a more fabric or plastic look can be given. See pictures.
For a Fabric effect: Glossiness: low value (12.50) combined with
For a Plastic effect: Glossiness: high value (200) combined with

The cloth UV mapping is fairly simple and allows to swap or use custom textures easily. Texture are 1024.


Extract from the archive to any folder, examine the folder structure. Place the
Meshes & textures folder in the game Data folder, allow to overwrite.

Delete the PixTableCloth folders located in Data/Meshes/Pix and in Data/textures/Pix.

Due to collision not covering totally the mesh, some part of object can sink into the table.
Thanks to GamerRick for bringing it up.
Bug reports are welcome and rewarded with Kudos.

Use freely in you FO3 mods only, with credits.
Please keep Pix somewhere when renaming assets for your mod. Thank you.

Free of use asset and textures used, see Credit tab.

This file is provided as is and the author holds no responsibility for anything that may come to happen from using this file.

You MAY NOT use any part of this mod for commercial purposes (making money), including (but not limited to) creating a paid mod.
You MAY use this resource in a mod Opt in for Donation points.

Tools Used:

Blender 2.49
DXTbmp 4.00
G.E.C.K PowerUp
Photoshop CS2

Pixelhate 2016.