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Anchorage Aftermath allows you to explore Anchorage in the aftermath of the Great War, rather than in a simulation.

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Anchorage Aftermath
Author: SubRosa_Florens
Version: 1.3

Anchorage Aftermath allows you to explore Anchorage in the aftermath of the Great War, rather than in a simulation. You can reach Anchorage via a Vertibird on the flight deck of Rivet City. Completing Operation Anchorage is not required. In fact, Anchorage Aftermath is completely separate from Operation Anchorage. Nothing you do in one will affect the other. However, it is still necessary to have the Operation Anchorage dlc active in your load order, as Anchorage Aftermath uses many resources from it.

My goals in Anchorage Aftermath are to allow you to explore Anchorage without the simulation elements such as health stations, enemies that de-rez when you kill them, and so forth. It plays exactly like any other place in FO3. You can also do it without having to aid the Outcasts, which I can understand many characters might not want to do. Finally, I have been careful to avoid changing anything from the original Anchorage.

Anchorage Aftemath is not a carbon copy of Operation Anchorage however. I have opened up new areas to explore that were previously blocked off. There are also new different enemies to fight, human, animal, and robotic. You will be able to find all of the items added by Operation Anchorage, plus a few brand new ones. That includes powered armor, and training in how to use it.

Companion Note:
If your companion does not follow you to Anchorage, simply wait for one hour and they should appear. Likewise, if they fail to travel back to the Capital Wasteland when you leave, wait an hour once more and they should appear.

Copy the contents of the zip file to your Fallout3\Data Folder, and enable Anchorage Aftermath.esp in your game's load order.

Version History:
1.0 -
Original Release

1.1 -
One of Corporal Hawkins' notes has been edited to say that the guns destroyed on the artillery overlook have been replaced.

1.2 -
Replaced a Leveled Radscorpion with a Leveled SnowScorpion.

1.3 -
Fixed some navmesh issues on the Rivet City Flight Deck.