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Add some JIP CC&C support for a few extra followers, currently Moira Brown, Vanessa, and Vonda.

Permissions and credits
Currently has support for:
Moira from Moira Brown - Craterside Enterprises by grigoriprime and
Vonda from A World Of Pain for Fallout 3 (AWOP4FO3) by djmystro
Vanessa from Vanessa Follower by GePalladium

  • Moira has both ESP and ESM version, chose the one corresponding to the version of Moira Brown - CE you are using.
  • Followers ammo may be removed if necessary to force them into melee, set them back to ranged to restore the removed ammo.
  • The JIP ranged/melee button for Vanessa does not work with her default (hidden) weapons but does with her inventory weapons (visible). Best to choose one or the other, not mix both (default and inventory weapons). Equip default weapons through dialogue and do not add/store extra in her inventory. Or ask her in dialogue to stop using all default weapons and add weapons to her inventory to use JIP button function.

JIP Companions Command and Control by jazzisparis (Also is a Required file)
FO3Edit by ElminsterAU, updated for Skyrim by Hlp, Zilav and Sharlikran.
GECK by Bethesda