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This is short quest lore-friendly mod. A man George Town will request your help to rescue his wife. Read full description.

Permissions and credits

     This is a small quest lore-friendly mod. A man named Guts will request your help to rescue his wife of supermutants. The quest is very short and if you have a good speech skill you can complete it without killing anybody. All male characters were voiced by giovanniayala. The female NPC is not voiced. Guts is just a tweak of one of my favourite manga series. He is one-handed and one-eyed, but he is very strong. He wields his powerful hammer with his unique hand. You can hire him once you complete his quest. He may not be the most versatile companion, but one thing is sure, he is unique.
   Guts has two armor sets: a raider armor and power armor as you can see in the images. Once you complete his quest and hire him, you can change his armor set from one to another by dialogue. Both armors have the same stats. I created this option just to change his look.


   Guts( the main character) is located in George Town, across the street of the McClellan family townhome.


  Fallout 3
  DLC The Pitt
  ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated or FOMM (fallout mod manager)

   As usual, extract the .rar in your Fallout 3 data folder and check the .esp in your FOMM or in your Fallout 3 Launcher.   
   Make sure you have installed ArchiveInvalidation or FOMM (or new textures wont work properly)

   If you find any bug, please notify me to see if can fix it.

   Bethesda for Fallout 3 and the GECK
   Nexus community for this space to share my stories
   and to giovanniayala for his voice and great impressions.