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Added: 20/01/2016 - 01:47AM
Updated: 05/10/2017 - 07:28AM

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Last updated at 7:28, 5 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 1:47, 20 Jan 2016

This mod Improved collision meshes detail, see images section for examples

A collision mesh is a a simple 3D mesh used for physical interaction of objects.

Fixes\Tweaks in additional to CM detail and some notes:

pool(2,5,8,10,13,cue)ball - smoothed mesh and small UV fix Before/After
baseball.nif, basketball.nif - smoothed geometry Before/After
glasspitcher - slightly smoothed grip, also vanilla collision is not fully covered object. Before\After
vbedsingler01,surgicalcartr01,tv02(back panel) - mesh\UV fix 1,2,3
rugs - added CM to avoid fall items through it
pooltable.nif, pooltableruin.nif - floating border paintings and table spot fix Before\After
vehicles - detailed CM only for meshes without physics calculation or for static parts, also i made some meshes with very big mass static.
motorcycle01 - movable static version now without physics also removed invalid animation
car10 - fixed steering wheel position Before\After
truckarmy02static,dlc03airbasefueltruck01,dlcanchtruckarmy01 - UV fix for text http://i.imgur.com/V0k7dNB.jpg
truckarmy01,truckarmyhulk,dlcanchtruckarmy01,dlc03airbasefueltruck01,dlc03airbasefueltruck01hulk- fixed mesh hole Before/After
houseruined0(4a,4c),raidercorpsedressing0(1,2,3,4,5,6) - fixed wrong CM position http://i.imgur.com/DBbIGAk.jpg
indextsmcorout01 - fixed stretched CM part  http://i.imgur.com/68PiWwm.jpg
projectoroff01 - fixed broken CM
artdecocor0(1,2) - fixed holes in the mesh http://i.imgur.com/CDquJtU.jpg

Included UF3P fixes for bus01,pooltable,pooltableruin,chemistryexperiment01,raidercorpsedressing05

MISCELLANEOUS section description:


*UF3P - Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch
**CM - collision mesh(es)

Fallout 3

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Recommended installation order:
1.UPDATED Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch
2.Precision Collision - Clutter(overwrite conflicts)
3.My PrecisionCollisionClutterFix(overwrite conflicts)
4.Collision Meshes(overwrite conflicts)
5.Mods with patches from MISCELLANEOUS section(overwrite conflicts)
6.Other mods that customize meshes or change UV layout(overwrite conflicts)

Tools Used:
Blender 2.49
Blender(latest version)
NifSkope 2.0 Dev