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This mod adds several BOS bunkers across the Capital Wasteland.

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This mod adds Three Brotherhood of Steel bunkers across the Capital Wasteland.

*Requires Broken Steel and Operation Anchorage

The exteriors are built around bunker type building, and each bunker had a different type of fortification around it ranging from a small outpost looking thing like the original Fallouts to a full fortress. 

The interiors are small and only have a minimal amount of detail, with various small but noticeable clipping issues, this is my first time making interiors so don't judge too harshly.
There is a keycard on a table in the Citadel Lab, its the same table with the power armor on it that will grant access to the bunkers.

One is located near Arefu
One is located somewhat south-west of Vault 101
An the last one is located due north of the Wheaton Armory

This mod is compatible with AWOP and DC Interiors, it shoulder have too many compatibility issues as it only modifies 3 out of place ares in the wastes, and the change to the Citadel lab is minimal.

The design of the primary bunkers is largely built using the information from the great Fallout:New Vegas mod BOS Offices mod.

Please note that the pictures in the mod description use a personal mod similar to the Fallout 3 mod Brotherhood Diversified and Brotherhood Western Replacement, which gives the BOS t-51b power armor, which is the one in the pictures