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Premade LOD meshes and landscape LOD generator tes4ll

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This is the Fallout3 edition of the landscape LOD generator including premade meshes and textures. The Fallout New Vegas edition can be found here.

This is work in progress, I still have a lot of ideas.

Tes4ll creates new and individual high-resolution landscape meshes including all the additional changes added by the mods which one has installed.

To use this tool, one has different choices:

  • A one-click method on one of the prepared windows bat-file,
  • if you would like to use a GUI, please download my MPGUI in addition,
  • or download one of the pregenerated meshes


Unpack the tes4ll 7z-archive (either the exectutable or the pregenerated files) and move the content into the data directory of Oblivion. When asked, merge the ini-directory of tes4ll into your ini.

Pregenerated Files

Installation: choose a version and drop the archives in the data directory or use the nexus manager. For most users this should do the job. The meshes have been made with Ultimate resolution and the color maps have been made with Vanilla ground textures. I checked that using NMC replacer does not differ so much.

The color maps are available in 2 different version (maybe more to come...): a plain version where I used only the information available in the esm file (well only brown single color, looks not so nice) and a version where I used a "rocky filter" in order to enhance the look of the mountains.

I also made normalmaps with my "lod shadow" option (separately available under the download section). It is an optical illusion which takes into account not the local slope, but all the terrain including the mountains and therefore gives a feeling of some "shadows" of the landscape (see screenshots). Different sun angles give a complete different individual view. Please give it a try, it is highly recommended.

Usage of the executable to generate meshes

Start one of the Windows-bat-files by double clicking on it.
At the moment, 3 versions are supported:

  • "tes4ll_make_normal_meshes.bat" -> "Normal resolution", similar resolution as Vanilla LOD files.
  • "tes4ll_make_highres_meshes.bat" -> "High resolution", 50% more resolution
  • "tes4ll_make_ultimate_meshes.bat" -> "Ultimate resolution", 100% more resolution

This overwrites your LOD meshes files for the WastelandNV worldspace. Your mod list is taken into account.

The generation can take some time. Please have some patience. And the log file is quite chatty.

If you use MPGUI, you also can go into /Data/ini/tes4ll and double-click on tes4ll_all.mpb. Here you have a hell of options.

Normal map generation

Use tes4ll_make_normalmaps.bat, if you don't have MPGUI.

Color map generation

You can run the build-in TES4qLOD with MPGUI (recommended) or by using the bat-file tes4ll_make_colormaps.bat. TES4qLOD uses some 4x4 bitmaps ("cache") which are located in Data\tes4qlod_tex, and are generated mainly for Vanilla textures. It is possible to re-generate the entire cache with "tes4ll_make_texture_cache.bat", and it should be done if you have texture replacers installed. Don't be surprised, the output in the shell is quite long. Texture caching has to be redone only in case of new installations of texture mods.


  • See New Vegas edition


This program uses the following 3rd party source code:

  • Tes4qLOD: http://projectmanager.f2s.com/morrowind/TES4qLOD.html by Lightwave
  • niflib: http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope
  • libBSA by WrinklyNinja
  • bmp file reader: written by P. Pourke
  • An extensible math expression parser with plug-ins (MTParser) by Mathieu Jacques
  • Triangle: "Engineering a 2D Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator", in "Applied Computational Geometry: Towards Geometric Engineering" (Ming C. Lin and Dinesh Manocha, editors), volume 1148 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 203-222, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, May 1996" by J. R. Shewchuk
  • imageresampler, a C++ class for separable filtering 2D image resampling by Rich Geldreich.
  • crunch/crnlib, for dds file generation.
  • ANN, Approximate Nearest Neighbor Searching by David M. Mount and Sunil Arya