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This mod incorporates the Fallout 4 enemy ranking system into Fallout 3.

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3rd Place Winner of FO3 Mod of the Month for November 2015!


Wasteland getting boring? Not as challenging? Not as many random encounters? This mod is for you!

This mod incorporates the Fallout 4 enemy ranking system into Fallout 3. You will randomly encounter new ranks of enemies based on your current level. As you progress and level up, you will start to encounter more difficult foes. There are also rare chances you may come across legendary enemies as well and receive legendary items. Make sure to "TRACK" this mod as updates will be made very frequently!

DLC Requirements: Broken Steel | Point Lookout | The Pitt | Anchorage

New Enemy Ranks

Raiders - Raider Scum | Raider Scavver | Raider Psycho | Raider Boss | Raider Survivalist | Raider Waster | Raider Veteran
Sentry Bots - Siege Breaker Sentry Bot | Annihilator Sentry Bot
Bloat Flies - Festering Bloat Fly
Brahmin - Rabid Brahmin
Protectrons - Protectron Watcher | Protectron Guardian | Enclave Protectron Guardian | Enclave Protectron Watcher
Eyebots - Enclave Eyebot Scout
Mr Gutsy - Enclave Colonel Gutsy | Enclave Major Gutsy | Enclave Lieutenant Gutsy | Lieutenant Gutsy | Colonel Gutsy | Major Gutsy
Super Mutant - Super Mutant Skirmisher | Super Mutant Suicider (Boom!) | Super Mutant Butcher | Super Mutant Enforcer | Super Mutant Conqueror (merged from | Super Mutant Warlord | Super Mutant Primus
Feral Ghouls - Putrid Glowing One | Feral Ghoul Stalker | Withered Feral Ghoul | Gangrenous Feral Ghoul | Charred Feral Ghoul | Rotting Feral Ghoul
Deathclaws - Chameleon Deathclaw (Truly Terrifying!) | Savage Deathclaw |Mythic Deathclaw | Glowing Deathclaw | Blind Deathclaw
Yao Guai - Shaggy Yao Guai | Stunted Yao Guai | Rabid Yao Guai | Dusky Yao Guai
Dogs - Alpha Vicious Dog | Rabid Alpha Vicious Dog | Rabid Dog Dog | Rabid Vicious Dog | Talon Company Attack Dog
Mole Rats - Rabid Mole Rat | Mole Rat Brood Mother | Rabid Mole Rat Brood Mother | Mole Rat Sentry | Rabid Mole Rat Sentry
Mirelurks - Mirelurk Razorclaw | Mirelurk Killclaw | Mirelurk Deep King
Talon Company - Talon Company Enlistee | Talon Company Major
Brotherhood - Brotherhood Lancer-Knight
Centaurs - Evolved Centaur | Giant Evolved Centaur
Radscorpion - Small Radscorpion | Radscorpion Hunter | Radscorpion Stalker | Deathskull Radscorpion | Glowing Radscorpion

* Glowing creatures can heal when irradiated.
* Rabid animals are resilient to the Animal Friend perk and are more aggressive.
* Legendary enemies can mutate to restore health, limb damage and confidence, if their health drops below 40%.

Next Update:

Stat Balancing

Modified legendary mirelurk encounter player lvl requirements
Modified legendary ant encounter player lvl requirements
Modified legendary tough wasteland spawns encounter player lvl requirements
Modified legendary weak wasteland spawns encounter player lvl requirements
Feral Ghost health balancing
Super Mutant health balancing

If you like this mod and have made a video on it. I'd love to see it!

(A Tale of Two Wastelands version has been uploaded. However I personally won't be able to update and maintain the file if it has bugs.)

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