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Changes the hair and face of Doctor Li and Spider from kristakahashi's 3DNPC Fallout Bundle. Optional Red and Sierra Petrovita.

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New: Added Red and Sierra Petrovita edit under optional files.


Doctor Li and Spider Face and Hair Edit 1.0
By Nenina


Hair Pack 2.2 by YoshikinaKota - The .esp for Dr Li only needs this file.

3DNPC Fallout Bundle 003Nexus by kristakahashi - Spider needs this file and the above file.



Changes the hair and face of Doctor Li and Spider from kristakahashi's 3DNPC Fallout Bundle.

Nineteen years after the beginning of the story, Doctor Madeline Li is now a sexy 35 year old scientist at a main quest location. The Lone Wanderer must find her so he or she can worship her. Doctor Li's race was changed to Asian from AsianOld. Her hair is now Kozaburo01 from Hair Pack 2.2 by YoshikinaKota. Her face was edited to match a 35 year old woman. Spider is a character from 3DNPC Fallout Bundle. Her hair was changed to Hair04 from the Hair Pack. Face was tweaked from the original to better match the new hair.



There are no textures included with this mod. The screenshots are using The Girl Next Door textures from DC Delight for Type 3 by Glosshouse. I just moved all the textures from

DC Delight for Type3.rar\textures\DCDelight\characters\thegirlnextdoor



so that all female non-raider npcs use those textures.



There are two separate files in the single compressed download:

My Dr Li Hair and Face Edit.esp
My Spider Hair and Face Edit.esp

Dr Li's file has HairPack.esm as a master and its tag is NpcFaces.
Spider's file is similar but also has 3DNPC_Spider.esm as a master.



Mod Organizer - The file structure is ready for Mod Organizer.
Manual - Unpack the file and put both .esp files in the data folder where Fallout 3 is installed.
Wrye Bash - Wrye Bash will want to deactivate and merge into bashed patch. Remember to check the file under merge patches and import npc faces.


Load Order:

Load after mods that edit npc faces.



No special uninstallation requirements. Just delete the files and load your save and the characters will be back to themselves.


Recommended Mods:

Type3 Armor Replacers 2.0 by exeter
For Dr Li's improved lab outfit to show more leg.

Sinblood Steamjunk Outfit Type 6 FO3 Edition 1.0 by Thasic
For Spider as seen in the screenshots.

BeautyStick 0.1 by Sorwen
To get the Steamjunk Outfit onto Spider.

DC Delight for Type3 by Glosshouse
To get The Girl Next Door face and body textures for Type 3 body.

Ultra Pip-boy Light by Silencer113
I just like the way some npc actors look with this light.