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TWPC is a collection of patches meant to fix incompatibilities between two or more mods. I plan to add support for popular mods that do not have patches for them in order to work correctly and not override or otherwise conflict with each other.

Permissions and credits
The Wasteland Patch Collection
A collection of patches to fix mod incompatibilities!

TWPC v1.4

AFTER any Merged/Bashed patches due to the way they handle conflict resolution which breaks my patches.
As well as AFTER any other patches, such as Blackened or FOIP.

Please DO NOT listen to ANYONE else regarding the load order for MY patches. There is a TON of misunderstanding and misinformation being spread by those who do not understand how patches, in general, work. ALL my patches contain ONLY necessary edits to make two or more conflicting mods work together, any other incompatibilities needs to be addressed with ADDITIONAL patches as records OVERRIDE each other.


Greetings fellow Wastelanders! Are you tired of downloading and installing multiple mods and then realizing (or not) that certain functionality has stopped working? Are you unable to forward the changes yourself using the tools available to you, or simply lack the time/motivation needed to do so? Do you simply want a one-stop fix to get all your lovely mods to work nicely together the way they were meant to as envisioned by their respective modders? If you have answered "YES!" to any of the above then The Wasteland Patch Collection has quite the surprise in store for you! If not, well, get it anyway as I can promise you it will enrich your Fallout 3 experience (in conjunction with the required mods for the patches to operate of course).

As I find more incompatibilities with the more popular mods I will be releasing patches for them, and of course taking feedback from Nexus users on what they would like patched. So be sure to track this mod to be informed automatically when I do release new patches and updates!

Cleaning Notes: DO NOT clean or edit any of the patches in ANY form. They contain NECESSARY records for them to operate and are FULLY clean. Any changes may break their operation and not produce the desired results. Similarly, if merging one or more of the patch plugins with other plugins, take care NOT to change or renumber the Form ID's as it can cause unwanted results. When in doubt; please ask.



As this mod is based off of making changes to the original mod, you will of course need to have said mod installed before installing one of my patches.

Please note: If you do not have the mods required with their respective plugins, your game will CTD at the main menu. All original files are required.


List Of Patches

Please view the change log to view the list of patches as well as additional information.



I thoroughly recommend using Mod Organizer to help installing mods and managing your load order. Yes, it is a Skyrim utility but works for all TES/FO games. Do not use the MO on this Fallout 3 Nexus as it is outdated.

This mod is now fully installer friendly and has an easy-to-use interface for installing one or more patches if you use MO or NMM!

For those of you who still prefer a manual approach the instructions are as follows:

Step 1) Download the latest version of The Wasteland Patch Collection and extract the archive contents somewhere. Browse to the Patches folder, and therein should be several additional folders with the names of mods that have patches available for them. Open each folder for the patches that you require and copy the contents of the Data folder into the Data folder in your root directory of Fallout 3, overwriting any files if asked. Ensure you don't place the Data folder inside the Data folder of your Fallout 3 directory.

Step 2) Make sure that any of my patches that you downloaded are enabled in your mod manager of choice, and that they are loaded at the END of your load order for changes to take affect. If changes are still not taking affect, either the mod was installed incorrectly, or there is another mod that is overwriting the changes. Please let me know either way and I will do my best to try and help you out.

Step 3 [Optional]) Ensure that you are using ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated (if you aren't already) and manually ensure that bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 is true in your Fallout.ini file located in Documents\my games\Fallout3 for non-MO users and in ModOrganizer\profiles\ProfileName for MO users.

MO users simply install the archive as a new mod as per normal and enable the mod, ensuring no other mods are overwriting any of my files.



To uninstall this mod, browse to your Data folder in your Fallout 3 root directory and remove any (TWPC) prefixed .esp's.

MO users simply disable and/or remove the mod as per normal.



This mod can possibly conflict with any mod that tries to alter, in any way, the same records that were modified by the mod that is receiving a patch by me. This won't cause any CTD's or anything, but may have undesirable affects such as the original mod not doing as it was intended due to being overridden by an incompatible mod of yours. So ensure my patches are loaded at the END of your load order, AFTER your Merged and Bashed patches!

If you find a mod that is causing an incompatibility between the core mods being patched by me then please let me know and I can make an additional patch as necessary. Else if said mod does not change (or supposed to be changing) the stuff it is affecting; simply load that mod before the core mods being patched and my patch.



I have been given explicit permission from both MistakenMystic as well as tragiverse to modify and host any files contained within their specific respective mods (Descriptive Icons For Fallout 3 and Complete Vault Girl Interface) in order to make my patches.


TWPC Supporters

I would like to thank the following users who found my patches worthy and donated their hard-earned caps towards my restructuring of the Capital Patchland:


Credits & Acknowledgement

  • Organ1smano - my fiancée for putting up with my endless hours of modding (923 hours and counting since Skyrim)!
  • Kelwyn - and all those involved on the Fallout 3 S.T.E.P Project which without I doubt TWPC would exist today.
  • MistakenMystic (GrantSP) - a talented modder from whence these patches began and for the HUGE help with FO3 S.T.E.P!
  • tragiverse - another talented modder for allowing me the use of their resources in this modl!
  • BenWah, hairylegs222, prisoner416 - the creators of the UPDATED Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch mod which my UUF3P patches are based on.
  • Peekaboom, FWE Team - the creators of the FWE - FO3 Wanderers Edition mod which my FWE patches are based on.
  • Sealurk - the creator of the Radioactive Bites and Stings mod which my RBS patches are based on.
  • Mmmmmmm - the creator of the Marts Mutant Mod mod which my MMM patches are based on.
  • Teabone3 - the creator of the Human Flesh Addiction mod which my HFA patches are based on.
  • jcro25 - the creator of the Point Lookout Reborn mod which my PLR patches are based on.
  • Puce Moose - the creator of the In the Shadow of the Swamp and The Mantis Imperative mods which my ISS and TMI patches are based on.
  • Darkcide666 - the creator of the HD Real World Water mod which my HRWW patches are based on.
  • Madcat221 - the creator of the Plasma Rifle Awesomefied mod which my PRA patches are based on.
  • Breeze582000 - the creator of the Breezes FO3 Males mod which my BFM patches are based on.
  • arahat - the creator of the 20th Century Weapons Reborn eXCaliberized with additional patches mod which my 20CWRE/CW patches are based on.
  • antistar - the creator of the Weapon Mod Kits mod which my WMK patches are based on.
  • CaBaL120 - the creator of the Bornagain Fo3 Outcast mod which my BFO patches are based on.
  • hikky71 -the creator of the K9 Breeds - Random dog breeds for Fallout 3 mod which my K9B patches are based on.
  • robert01, BenWah, hairylegs222 - the creators of the Paradox Ignition presents The Mergers mod which my EBTMGFWE, MMM, RIL patches are based on.
  • Latexschlampe - the creator of the Brahmin Variant Redux - Fallout 3 mod which my BVR patches are based on.
  • stabbedwithacarrot - the creator of the RH_IronSights FWE- WMK compatible mod which my RIFWC patches are based on.
  • Volek, bobers, Spiderpigg - the creators of Crowded Cities and Crowded Cities v2 of which my Crowded Cities Redux "patch" is based on.
  • Chesko - the creator of the Better Balanced Backpacks mod which my BBB patches are based on.
  • davidriggs - the creator of the Better Rivet City Church mod which my BRCC patches are based on.
  • bethjunkie - the creator of the Boulevard of Broken Dreams mod which my BBD patches are based on.
  • kevkas - the creator of the Chems and Meds Re-Texture Pack which my CMRP patches are based on.
  • eukaliptus - the creator of the Clean Pure Water Mod which my CPWM patches are based on.
  • MonsterMonkey - the creator of DC Moods which my DM and DMPLM patches are based on.
  • AVirtualDuck - the creator of Georgetown Expansion which my GE patches are based on.
  • Scarecrow23 - the creator of Realistic Interior Lighting which my RIL patches are based on.
  • Tubal - the creator of the Reillys Rangers Expanded mod which my RRE patches are based on.
  • Dracomies, SpaceOden - the creators of the Fallout 3 Redesigned - Formerly Project Beauty HD which my PB patches are based on.
  • weijiesen - the creator of the Winterized DX mod which my WD patches are based on.
  • dDefinder1 - the creator of Enhanced Blood Textures which my EBTMGFWE patches are based on.
  • Bethesda Softworks - for making several engaging and captivating RPG's to date and bringing players closer as a community through modding!
  • Nexus Mods - of which this community wouldn't exist so well organized and staffed not to mention the plethora of mods hosted!
  • You - for taking the time to read through this and/or trying out my mod and that of others thus ensuring the community lives on!

Additional credit and acknowledgement goes out to any and all persons who made the above mods, who without the patches I have made would not be possible. I am relying on those I have credited to have done the same on their own respective mod pages but mistakes and oversights do unfortunately happen. So to all you lovely people who made all the above mods possible, and to anyone I may have missed and not mentioned, THANK YOU! Your work is deeply appreciated and I hope that in patching your efforts to work alongside other great mods I am doing you proud and allowing your mod to live on to withstand the test of time that is this modding community!