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Adds a new Mesmetron for you to play with.

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This is a new Mesmetron that you can get from Eulogy's pad in Paradise Falls. There are 10 Super Slave Collars in Eulogy's pad, to get you started.

There is a terminal in Eulogy's Pad where you can purchase more Super Slave Collars from.
The Super Mesmetron uses Microfusion Cells as ammo, is smaller than the vanilla version and has a red glow.

The Super Mesmetron follows the same rules as the vanilla mesmetron in the matter of who can be enslaved.
Creatures, children and essentials can not be enslaved.
This mesmetron will always mezz people.

When you first mezz someone with the Super Mesmetron, you'll get the option to put a Super Slave Collar on them or open their inventory and take all their stuff.

Once you've enslaved someone, you'll get these options:

- Wait Here/Follow

- Open Inventory

- Be Passive/Be Aggressive
Passive - The person will have to be directly next to someone or be shoot before engaging in combat.
Aggressive - Will go into combat on sight of enemies.

- Rest Here
Will go into sandbox mode, problems with loaddoor bug below might apply.

- Remove Collar
When removed, the person will go back to whatever they did before you enslaved them.

- Detonate Collar
Don't worry if you accidentally click it, you'll get a prompt that asks you if you're sure.

- Cancel
Exits Menu.

- Talk/Pickpocket
This is a bug and should be ignored.

There is a Tale of Two Wastelands compatible version.

This mod is fully compatible with other Mesmetron mods, as it doesn't touch the vanilla one at all.

This mod has some bugs which i'm unsure can be solved, use at your own risk.

Known Issues

- "Talk" will be in the options, when you activate a mezzed npc while standing
and "Pickpocket" will be in the options, when you activate a mezzed npc while sneaking.
Any attempts i've made towards fixing this has made the game CTD upon activating a mezzed npc.
Note: Can be ignored

- If you holster the Mesmetron right after mezzing someone, they will turn hostile.
this is also a bug in the vanilla Mesmetron and i haven't been able to fix it.
It's much more prevalent in this mod.
Note: To prevent this bug, wait a few seconds after you've mezzed or have placed a collar on someone, before holstering the Super Mesmetron.

- Mezzed hostile NPCs will attack friendly NPCs, when in proximity.
Note: Might be because ForceAv failed in the script.

- Sometimes when you go through loaddoors, any slaves left in the previous cell will go back to their spawn location and not be in that cell anymore.
This can also happen if they follow you through loaddoors.
Note: I think it's something to do with the script variables not being saved properly and that it's an object effect that makes them into slaves.

- Reload animation looks off, because of resize.

Any help to solve these bugs will be greatly appreciated.

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