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Does a way better job at enhancing your caravans, Hoss style!

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By PaladinHoss

A special thanks to the people who supported me all those years.
Thank you!

This mod aims into making Caravans more fun. In its current version it takes on Megaton's caravan relations,
but the plan for this is to actually remap the whole caravan system!

What currently we have in store :
- Better armored caravaneers : No direct changes on HP, DMG etc, but rather equip them with better armors.
- New unique looks for the caravans.
- Crow now haves a Molerat pet.
- Megaton's caravan post : A  nice place outside that rusthole to stay for the night,
enjoy some trade
OR just hang around :)

Stay tuned for future releases and updates!

I want to thank Tumbajamba
for his amazing work on the scavanger armors!

Work used :

Scavanger armors

Armors Modder Resource

And heres some little music :