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Epic Wasteland battles resistant caravans!

Permissions and credits
Version 3.0:
Project Beauty changes are now part of all .esm files (mod still not need, but recommended).
- DLC Weapons and Armors are sell by the Caravans. 
Basicality what it does, is that improves the standard caravans in order to survive the Wasteland:
  - One additional guard added on each caravan.
  - Guards uses different and better weapons (Uses 3 DLC weapons).
  - Guards and traders uses different armors (Uses 2 DLC armors, 1 custom).
  - Caravan guards are always alert now. 
  - Traders are harder to kill (25% Health increase).
  - Caravans heal after combat.
  - Crow now sells 7 DLC Armors
  - Harith now sells 7 DLC Weapons
  - Scavenger sell more stuff. 
How to install it?
To install just add one of the .esm files to the /data folder and enable. Reload (sleep, wait some hours, go inside a building...) to enable full changes on the saved games.  Will conflict with other similar caravans mods out there.

  • UF3P - Exotic Caravans.esm | standard version
  • UF3P - Exotic Caravans (Essential).esm | standard version, but traders can´t die

What is UF3P?
it mean "Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch", tag is used to ensure that future versions of the mod will be compatible with the patch.

Any credits for this mod? 
- This was based on "MMMF3 - Tougher Traders" by Martigen, mod rewritten for license compliance (version 1.1).
- I merge "Caravan Merchants Heal After Combat" by Yukichigai into this mod. 
- Thanks to Dracomies for allowing the Project Beauty interpolarity.   
- Thanks to by BenWah and Hairylegs and prisoner416 for all the work in Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.

A companion for the mod?
Try out Armored Wasteland, improves Power Armors, Super Mutants and Raiders protection.
FIX: restore the left hand on any of the Knuckles weapons.  
Try out the Legendary Weapon Pack, adds 2 new guns to the Wasteland.

Notice: I know spanish, let me know if you need a translation.