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This is a collection of all the non-script optimizations for Fallout I can come up with using various tools.

Permissions and credits
Here it is, long after I should have done this. Optimizing Fallout 3's data is not necessarily as hard as it is tedious. Here I have provided for you many optimizations already prepared and ready to use. Fallout 3 will never run flawlessly due to its Frankenstein engine but things like this certainly help improve your experience. This is an expansion and improvement on "Fallout 3 Textures Optimized" I did years ago with more content. Basically this time I took a look at the data folder and optimized everything I could think of. This started with textures to meshes and then sound. After all that there really isn't anything left to optimize as far as Fallout data resources go.  Since not many people play this game anymore I wanted this to be a final wrap up on data optimizations. The optimization algorithms took me forever to run even with an i7-7700k @ 4.8GHz so at least now those with weaker hardware won't have to struggle through that. Also for you Audiophiles I am using a Soundblaster Z sound card with high end headphones and a corsair sp2500 so I am confident in my results with the audio quality. Sometimes they would just do dumb things like put mono sampling well above what it needs to be.

This mod addresses three primary resource users: Textures, Meshes, and Sound
I tried to keep it looking as close to vanilla as possible but there are sacrifices you have to be willing to make if your machine struggles with this game so as a result you might would notice a difference if you were specifically looking for one. What I would really recommend is using this mod as a base allowing you more resources to install only the textures mods you really care about.
The texture and mesh optimizations reduce vram usage and stuttering as well as reduce loading time for new cells.
The sound optimizations mostly free up CPU resources and reduce ram usage. 
I have found that mesh optimization really hasn't been addressed much since Oblivion so I am having difficulty getting it to be stable, it's just taking time to find out which meshes are safe to optimize.
These have all been packaged into .bsa format because this is significantly cleaner and faster due to sequential read speed.

Methods used
Textures - DDSopt
Sound - Audacity
Meshes - PyFII

Simply install and load the .esp(s) after the main game ones and before your other mods.
I'd recommend keeping the bsa format

Removed some broken meshes and repacked based on feedback

Further Recommendations
Because this mod basically covers everything in the data folder you do not need to download any other data optimizations. I would still highly recommend script optimizations, however, such as
UPDATED Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch by BenWah and Hairylegs and prisoner416 
Fallout Stutter Remover by SkyRanger-1 
Large Address Aware Enabler for FO3 by NMC - original by MadBoris 
Fallout3 WinXP-7-8-10 Multicore Threading 4GB LAA by carinth 
ENBoost by Boris Vorontsov

This won't be a miracle worker for everyone but people with low vram or those installed on HDD's as opposed to an SSD should see respectable improvements.
Sound module is a WIP! I'm personally checking for quality loss on each file I change so it's taking a while!