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Adds another floor a balcony and uh stuff! Now navmeshed.. no doubt badly and only has one esp because reasons.

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Expanded Megaton House Version 4


Due to a recent go at Fallout 4 followed by getting annoyed by Fallout 4 and actually having the GOTY version of Fallout 3 I've decided to give it another go as well as revisiting my old mods.

All that is new is a quick and dirty relearning the Geck learning to navmesh in general version that adds navmeshing to the upstairs and the balcony, I've tested it a little with Dogmeat and he does indeed go upstairs and occasionally joins you on the balcony, A little weirdness with him tilting about with the theme I have purchased and tight spaces upstairs but I kinda remember him being weird like that in general.

Also got around to improvising a doorknob on the upper balcony door after ten years. This version does not include the second .esp because reasons.

Version 4.1 - Improved the navmesh and actually finalized it, hey that might be important but eh learning experience. Works pretty good now but followers still get hung up then again they tend to do that on the lower stairs and I didn't touch the default navmesh so shrug. 


Ok, Basically I've added a third floor to the house that has a good amount of extra storage, Some tables to display your loot on. Something I've been doing in Bethesda's games since Morrowind and the Megaton house just didn't have a good place for it.

A balcony with some targets and random junk to shoot at if your bored. I've changed the picket fence to guard rails since I was still getting annoyed with the default megaton railings. They blend in really well I think personally with the whole megaton theme.

A bathroom and a stove so you can cook 200 year old ramen noodles both always handy. Unless you opt for the optional no stove .esp to avoid conflicts with another mod.

The upstairs does get decorated some with the various themes but a bug I guess you could say is if you already have the theme you need to repurchase it before some parts upstairs show up or just go without.

This also effects the Infirmary but only the tray and items on it because early on making the plugin I got sick of trying to move the small pieces with all the other things in the house so I deleted and added them back linked to the infirmary, So if you don't own the Infirmary prior to using this the tray and items show up fine. If you do I've added a tray upstairs on the bookshelf and the items into the trashcan upstairs so you can place them yourself if you wish.

I've also added another table and improved the light over the corners of the tables as well as added a little more storage for those like me that like to divide everything up.


Drop the .esp's into your Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data Folder, Activate the one of your choice when you launch the game.

If you were using a previous version I removed the filing cabinet from the desk upstairs. If you have anything stored in it I would load the previous version grab everything out of it save then load this version.

Feel free to tweak use etc. etc. however you wish just throw my name in there somewhere.