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A pack of seven Quests and five new companions. Fully voiced mod. Read full description.

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   This mod is a pack of seven new quests and five new companions. All main characters are voiced by me and they are also inspired in charaters of another videogame. Although quests are no too long, at the end of every quest you will gain XP, supplies or caps, and sometimes a new companion or ally. Watch screenshots to see the location of the NPCs that will give you the quests. Some of these NPCs will be active part of the quest they will give you. My first language is not english, so if my accent annoys you, just delete the sounds folder of "Heroes around the Wasteland". I just voiced the character because is more envolving when you hear them talk instead of just reading. If any other modder, whos first language is English, likes the mod and consider it deserves to be revoiced, feel free to do it. But remember to credit me as the creator of the mod. 
  Initially I mad this mod for me. I wanted to have companions like these long ago. Later I decide to make a quest for each one and share it with you. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.


   DATA RECOVERY: A reckless 7 feet tall Outcast named Misha, located between The Mall to Mason and the Lincoln Monument. He can be hired as companion in Fort Independence once you complete his quest. If you are enemy of the Outcast, Misha may be hostile, and believe me, you dont want to be his enemy. This guy is a juggernaut.( Quest requires lockpick skill +50 )

   DOUBLE OR NOTHING: An exsoldier named John Doe, located on a hill north of Bethesda Ruins, watching the Ruins( you can see the screenshot). You can hire him as companion in Arefu after you complete his quest.

   LAWBRINGER: A regulator named Mun Dee, inside the Grocery located on the Northwest Seneca Station. He can be hired as companion at the Muddy Rudder in Rivet City once you complete his quest.

   SENTINEL PRIME: An engineer named Dell Conagher located inside the Power Station MDPL-16 ( just south of the Republic of Dave). He will offer you his services as engineer once you complete his quest.

   RETROVIRUS: A scientist named Hans Dierker hid inside his secret lab below the bridge east of Farragut Metro Station ( watch screenshots ). He will offer you his services as doctor in Rivet City Lab once you complete his quest. ( Quest require lockpick skill +50 )
   PLAGUE CONTROL: A ghoul named Sparky located at the entrance of the History Museum. After you complete his quest, he can be hired as companion in the Underworld.

   RETRIBUTION: An exlamplighter located on the roof of the Power Station VAPL-58 ( southwest of Arefu ). He can be hired as companion once you complete his quest. He hates slavers, but slavers hate him more, so they put price to his head.

    As I said, quests are no too long but at least I tried to make a short background story for every charachter. Maybe you find some quests interesting. I hope so.  If the NPC die during his quest, the quest will be marked as failed.

   Companions gear cant be changed cause I created customized and unique outfits and weapons for them( one ranged weapon and one melee weapon ). They heal after combat like vanilla companions, but they are not essentials and once they die they wont respawn. They are expendables anyway.


   Fallout 3
   DLC Point Lookout
   DLC The Pitt
   DLC Broken Steel


  Just extract the HeroesAroundtheWasteland.rar in your Fallout 3 data folder and check the .esp in the FOMM or data files of your Fallout 3 Launcher.
   I think that if there any incompatibility, it could be with mods that use the same locations I used.


  I've tested the mod several times and so far I havent found bugs. I you found any bug or error please notify me to try to fix it.


  If you can find NPCs locations just watch screenshots.


  Bethesda for creating Fallout 3 and the GECK
  Nexus Community for being so great
  and to AutisticSithLord for his useful advices. Thanks buddy

  Enjoy and endorse if you like.