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This is a merged version of my MORE mods. 40 small quests, 10 new companions.

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The mod is now maintained by Superfly Johnson, new version up now as 1.3.1! The version of the mod that also merged in the camps will no longer be supported but will remain up as version 1.3. This new update comes with a bunch of small bugfixes, new facegen data and soon parity with a soon-to-be-released Tale of Two Wasteland port.


TTW conversion has been graciously provided by replica102. 


A user (shadowofdread) has made a compatibility patch with EVE for the couple of unique energy weapons this mod indirectly alters. You can find it HERE.


I have uploaded an update (v1.3) for some bug fixes.
Consult the sticky in the comments section for details.


Alright, guys. I spend way less time here lately so I'll just say this:

This mod isn't perfect. On average I'll say you'll run into three bugged quests in this pack. Now is that such a big deal for a quest pack of 40 small quests, especially when the vanilla game isn't even bug free? I don't think so, but others might not agree.

And let's just get this out of the way... HOBO KILLER is bugged to shit. Sorry. Tried. Can't fix.

There are other small things you'll find on your own or in these recent comments. Those I've kept track of I'll try to post an update for soon. Right now I'm trying to help out on The Frontier Project and I'm going on my honeymoon soon so it really isn't top priority.

Happy gaming!

FO3 is a great game but terribly lacking in quests. There's plenty of content, but little to tie it together. Have you ever found yourself exploring and wondered, ''What's my character's motivation for this?''. Well these little quests were made to provide just that motivation. I haven't added much more than a few npc's, dialogue, reasons to do stuff, and the occasional special item to hunt down. i have also added new enemy camps and ghoul infestations throughout the more empty parts of the wasteland.


There are about 40 actual quests and 10 new companions. Some are a bit more fleshed out than others. All are voiced by me.
There are also dozens of new camps and ghoul infestations throughout the wasteland.

The quests can be found as follows:

MAGGIE'S MEDS (Billy Creel in Megaton)
HOBO KILLER (Jericho in Megaton)
GHOULISH TURNCOAT (Gob in Moriarty's Saloon)
SIMMS' OL' RIFLE (Lucas Simms in Megaton)
MEDICAL ASSISTANCE (Jake in Megaton Clinic)
LIQUOR SUPPLIER (Donny Stahl in The Brass Lantern)
LEND ME A HAND... OR A LEG... (Blake in Meresti Station/The Family)
PROVING YOURSELF TO THE FOLD (Samuel in Meresti Station/The Family)
KILLING BUDDIES (Phil outside Ft. Independence)
LOST DATA (Dr. Zimmerman outside Ft. Independence)
RUDOLF DE BERGERAC (Rudolf in Big Town)
STIMPAK BLUES (Blue in Big Town)
GOING FERAL (Henry in The Ninth Circle in Underworld)
I LEFT MY HEART IN DC... (Gary Le in Underground Concourse)
LITTLE BROTHER (Stephen outside the Citadel)
and if you want to call it a quest T.I.M. outside of Megaton - SOFTWARE UPGRADE.
I'M ALL ALONE (Todd outside of Rivet City)
IRREVERENCE FOR LIFE (Doctor Schweitzer at the wasteland camp on the west side of the map)
WHAT A TOOL! (Butcher in the Car Dealership)
IF I COULD DO IT ALL AGAIN (Ryder just outside the flooded metro)
MAKING A DINT (Douglas behind the Washington Monument)
HAPPY HUNTING (Zaroff in the sniper/"abandoned" shack)
WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? (Andrew outside of Arefu)
WHERE'S THE BEEF? (Paul on the scavenger's bridge a.k.a. the Rare Find)
REILLY'S FALLEN (Bruce in Reilly's compound after completing Reilly's Rangers quest)
IF YOU BUILD IT... (Jimmy in the shack outside Little Lamplight)
SYMPATHY FOR MUTANT VENGEANCE (Lee in the outpost behind Grayditch)
TIME ENOUGH AT LAST (Mister Trout in Rivet City Commons Room)
ARMED AND DANGEROUS (Brotherhood Knight Sergeant inside Arlington Library)
THE WASTELAND CANDIDATE (Terry Vole in Canterbury Commons)
GHOULS NEED LOVE TOO (Ernie in Underworld Concourse)
LATE DELIVERY (Dr Mandrake in Rivet City Science Labs)
NO CORPSE LEFT BEHIND (Chris in Arlington House)
GARY MUST DIE (Gary X in Canterbury Commons)
MOBY-LURK (Ishmael in Boats and Bait)
TECH JOB (Paladin Wilson on bridge outside Fort Independence)
MAGNIFICIENT FOUR (Chuck at Sniper Perch)
MERC REGULATON (Spencer by the Wilhelm's Wharf)
and there's a repeatable fetch quest for Marcovich in Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal.

Companions include:

-Doctor Schweitzer (has ability to heal you or cure radiation with 1 stimpak or radaway)
-Ryder *raider*
-Douglas *BoS*
-Andrew *ex-Enclave*
-Lee *Super Mutant*
-Rizzo *molerat at molerat racetrack... nothing special*
-Phil  *Outcast*
-Stephen  *Brotherhood Initiate*
-T.I.M. *Eyebot*
-Gary Le *Ghoul*

and I've added the ability to hack the Mister Handy in the Mclellan Townhouse. However, he tends to only follow until fired. Then won't return.

All DLC's.

Special notes:
This mod was made using mostly unique copies of vanilla items, which means that there should be little to no compatibility issues. I have made the necessary changes to make sure ITM's don't cause conflicts with Primary Needs, which should be the only possible conflict. I use most major mods like FWE and AWOP and have found no issues.

-The mirelurks in anchorage memorial do not count towards Proving yourself to the fold. Sorry, the scripts seemed to conflict so I couldn't integrate it.
-T.I.M. gets lost a LOT. This is why I didn't put much effort into him. He's a beginner's companion.
-WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? utilizes the Keller Family Transcripts (disables them until the appropriate stage). This can cause problems if you already have them before installing this mod.
-If you encounter crashes use the version without camps or road blocks.
-MAKING A DINT's scripts may have gotten a little bungled up through the merging process (both LITTLE BROTHER and MAKING A DINT have a script called aaBehemothScript and one was autochanged but not effectively).

If you run into problems with quests not updating properly try moving the mod to the bottom of your load order.
CONSULT THE README FOR CODES/STAGES/WORKAROUNDS. (The xx before the codes should be the mod's load order number.)