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Cecil is a simple, no frills companion in all ways except his 100% unique (for better or worse) voice and personality.

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Cecil loiters around the player house of Megaton. Do not invite in if you have a problem with that, for reasons such as having an elaborately decorated shack, hating having a roommate, and having blown up the house and the rest of Megaton with a dormant nuclear bomb.

Cecil is a simple, no frills companion in all ways except his 100% unique (for better or worse) voice and personality. I'm putting Cecil up for download as an example mod for those looking for a base for their companions, an example of what to do for creating passive dialog such as combat noises and player comments. I made him as a joke for a friend but ended up giving him exactly 100 unique lines of dialog, complete with lip syncing and combat noises unique to him.

If you're looking for a companion with interesting features, a deep story (that he'll tell you), a quest that will build up your experiences as a person, or a sexy voice, then you're looking at the wrong companion. If you want to download an example to look at for creating a character that doesn't rely on generic voice files or any reused audio, and doesn't even lean on the generic dialog quest at all, this is your guy. Although does use generic dialog topics, conversations, and combat hooks to allow passive dialog with the exception of the follower topics that were recreated from scratch.

Just a quick warning, he's a little...different from your other characters wondering the wasteland. His personality is very self aware and quirky, but most importantly his voice is my voice (plus one octave) so it isn't for everyone. I did go through the effort of giving him a personality but not much else. He is set to essential, but he doesn't even come with his own armor (just removable Leather Armor) and no weapons of any sort. He will need to be armed and clothed and taken for walks, which may put him behind most other followers (even compared to those found in game) but again, he is meant to be a companion built to look at for how passive dialog is built.

For details on building a basic companion from scatch, here is the beginning of a video tutorial by oGrayFox who's scripts I used for this follower (technically it's for New Vegas but the process is 95% identical and the scripts can still be used [there are some unnecessary parts, such as those that reference the Lucky 38 that can be pruned out]). Let me know if there are any critical bugs or oversights but from what my friend and I have tested, he seems bug free.

By the way, to generate LIP files easily within the GECK without using the Oblivion mod kit, you need to copy some files from the Skyrim creation kit. If you have Skyrim and the creation kit installed, go into Skyrim's main directory then the \Data\Sound\Voice folders. Look for a folder called "Processing" and copy it into Fallout's \Data\Sound\Voice directory like where you found it in Skyrim's. Once it's there you'll be able to record audio files inside the GECK and have LIP files generated easily. If I didn't find this out, there is no way I would have done 100 audio clips of dialog for a joke character.